From the Guardian newspaper Australia:

At the end of the first week of the talks, there are still huge divisions between countries on all the key points. The French formally take over running the meeting on Saturday when negotiators hand over the text of what they've managed to agree so far. At the moment they haven't agreed very much, despite a myriad of meetings lasting late into the night to try to find consensus on each point.

There is a big dispute over whether the agreement should be aiming to limit global warming to 2 degrees, or 1.5 degrees, in line with the latest science, for example. Small island states, at risk of inundation, are digging in on 1.5 degrees, along with other countries. But nations like Saudi Arabia and India are adamant it should not be mentioned. Countries are also at loggerheads over whether all should eventually have to properly report their emissions and track progress towards their national target, something that's pretty important in an agreement that won't be legally binding and won't contain any sanctions. I wrote about this disagreement here.
(photo is a dramatization)
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