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What is the Full Vision and Values of the New Universe Spirit Eco-Communities?

(Please note: B is starting level, I is intermediate level material, and A is advanced material.)

Our latest Universe Community descriptions, locations, and updates.

Introducing the Universe Community Vision, Principles, and Structure. (B)

Why Universe Communities now? (I)

The Planet's Most Serious Global Challenges Cannot Be Fixed with Tweaks of the Current Systems --- Evolution's Meta-Principle Wisdom is Needed! (I)

Why Our Organization is NOT a Survivalist, Prepper, Doomer, Post-Doomer or "Near Term Humanity Extinction" Community (B)

The Full Universe Community Vision, Principles, Values and Structure (I, A,)

How We Live in Our Intentional Universe Community (I)

How We See Our Universe Community Vision and Model Rapidly Expanding into New Universe Communities (I)

Essential Books to Help You Understanding the Universe Community, the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview the Core of the new Vision and Perspective of Evolutioneers and Planetary and Universe Citizenship (B, I, A)

The Universe Community Vision Summary (B)

How to Join Us in Building the Founding Universe Community San Francisco or in Self-Organizing your Own Autonomous Local Universe Community in Other Areas! (B)

Other Information and Related links to the Universe Community, Planetary Evolutioneers or Universe Citizens (I, A)

What is the Universe community's Evolutionary Genesis Story? (B)

What are the Key Administrative Qualities and Principles Used within the Universe Community? (B)

What are the practical art-of-living skills taught or soon to be introduced within the Universe Communities that are essential for a meaningful, successful, and sustainable life? (I)

Why is Progressive Evolution important in the Universe Community? (I)

How does the Universe Community view peace, conflict, and crisis viewed through the lens of progressive evolution? (I)

Why Most Universe community members eventually also come to see themselves as Universe Citizens. (I)(A)

What are the spiral meme levels of personal developmental consciousness used in the Universe Community? (A)

What are the Codes of Conduct and Ethics for Universe Community and Universe Spirit members? (I)

What is your position on healthy sexuality among Universe community members? click here. (B)

How to Create Your Own Universe Community? (I) (A)

What are your guidelines for creating and maintaining the online Universe community? (A)

Can I be a member of the Universe community or the Universe Spirit Organization and remain a member of my current religious denomination? (B)

How do I volunteer or become a Universe Community or Universe Spirit member? (B)

Why is it essential to provide a fair exchange for services one receives from the Universe Spirit organization and within the Universe Community? (B)

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