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How to Become a Universe Community Member

One can become a Universe community member and closely follow this unique new community's ideals and values. One can also create a new kind of eco-community based on some of our ideals and values or other ideals and values altogether. One can even become a member and contribute to developing one of our four types of Universe communities without strictly following the Universe community ideals and values. 

To become a Universe Community member, or to receive new community informational support, or to contribute to the development of these new eco-communities, follow these steps:

1. Be sure you have read this link for the general qualities recommended for new Universe Community members. Creating and being a part of the four types of Universe communities will be very challenging. Having most of the qualities listed on this page (or aspiring to them) is essential to become one of the communities' early-adopter member-co-creators.

This requirement does not mean that you cannot start or self-organize your eco-community experiment with any plan, team, or location you chose. And, you can still use all of the open-source information and tools we have provided in the member's section to start your unique new eco-community. It just means that if you don't have most of the listed member qualities, you will most likely not flourish in the four different kinds of Universe communities (as described in our member's section.)

2. If you have not done so already, please review go to our older online Universe community booklet at Universe Spirit. Its additional topics and linked documents will give you a fair and greatly expanded idea of our values, practices, policies, and science-grounded background. It also answers many common questions you may still have concerning if being a part of the Universe communities will work well for you and your family.

3. Next, become a member on either one of the Job One or Universe Spirit websites. Follow each website's procedure to apply for membership. (See the Job One membership page here. See the Universe Spirit membership page.) You can start your own eco-community without becoming a member, but you must be a member to be active in any Universe community activities.

4. Next, please send us an email at [email protected] or UniverseSpirit.org. In the body of that email and not as an attachment, please tell us which of the four types of Universe Communities you want to join or help create. Be sure to let us know about you and your current location. If you are considering relocation to where.

Let us know about your skills, education, and experience that you feel would be most useful in these communities. Also, let us know what you would most like to do and what kinds of volunteer positions you feel most qualified for.

Click here for a list of our key volunteer positions.

We will look over your email information and get back to you as quickly as is possible. If everything looks good we will include directions for introducing yourself to your local, virtual, or nearest Universe community liaison, coordinator, or leader. If you are the first person to contact us from your location, and you would like to lead the formation of a new Universe community in that location, support will be provided to help you do that as more volunteers show up and we continue to grow. 

5. While you are waiting to hear back from us, please get started on the Job One for Humanity Survive and Thrive Plan steps today. Please get busy on these first actions and help us save and salvage as much humanity and our beautiful civilization as possible while we still have time! The action steps in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One Plan are much of what the Universe communities initially do at a beginning community support level as well.

If you are already a Job One or Universe Spirit member and want to get involved, use the same procedure above, but do not rejoin.

Additional Important Potential Member Reading

What the Universe Community is not. We are not trying to create a Utopia, but new types of communities that will learn, evolve, survive, grow, and thrive through the hard times and consequences ahead. We will do this by modeling necessary new practices intended by example to create a more sustainable, equitable, and just world so that our communities may become "beacons of light" and living examples of the new behaviors the post-global warming extinction and the post-collapse world will need.

Is the Universe Community a Survivalist Community?

For the Vision, Principles, and Structure for Our New Global Warming Resistant Eco-communities, click here. (This page is being upgraded, but it will give a good idea of what we are striving for in many areas. Please note: Pages in this booklet have been viewed almost 20,000 times.)

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