If you are like me, you must be astounded at the lack of attention and action given to the enormous threat of global warming that could lead to the extinction of so much life on Earth...including our own...

Ending global warming will be a massive undertaking. It will require the restructuring of our economic and political institutions, as well as a shift in awareness of our priorities to protect humankind, we must move away from resource extraction and the pursuit of wealth at the expense of others, towards a greater interrelatedness, sustainability, and cooperation with the natural processes of Earth.

I know you are deeply concerned about global warming. You may also sense that this problem and its solutions require a multi-disciplined approach, including a shift in consciousness. This may be as important to our long term survival as the implementation of technical solutions.

Job One for Humanity is becoming an important source worldwide for reliable global warming information, with a comprehensive plan of action that includes the need for an evolution of awareness, both personally and collectively.

For those of us at Job One, creating the Job One website and the Job One Plan eBook has been an enormous effort to help end global warming. We did this primarily through the use of funds from an endowment that will soon be ended. We must replace these funds with support from people like you. To continue expanding and to publish the important second phase of this work by the end of this year, we are asking for your financial support.


Giving just $1, $5, or $25 makes a huge difference to larger funders to whom we must demonstrate a larger donor base to attract their support. We continue to significantly expand the reach of the resources on our website to people all over the world, and more people are downloading and using the Job One Plan to end global warming than ever before. We are asking for your support now to help with this shift in consciousness and expand this work.

Lawrence Wollersheim

Thank you for your support!

Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director

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Green-Donate-Button_style_text.pngYour tax deductible donation is made to FACTnet Inc., a 501(c)(3) IRS approved nonprofit educational organization and ALL of your gift will be used to further the mission of Universe Spirit and Job One for Humanity initiatives. (Universe Spirit is a DBA of Factnet)

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