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Here Are the Surprisingly Congruent Positions on Climate Change and Global Warming from Many different Religions

Most religious communities have released statements on Climate Change, Global Warming, and the need to care for Earth.

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The Climate Cliff does not occur in 2025. We already went over it in 2015.

What has been known as the climate cliff is the climate point you go over which begins the runaway global warming process. ...

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The most critical global warming and climate change deadlines.

Global warming is accelerating. The following survival-critical deadlines should be kept in mind. 

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Our Mission

Welcome to our website and the greatest evolutionary challenge in human history ---

"humanity's accelerating global warming extinction emergency and, how we manage it as one human family to save ourselves and our civilization before it is too late!"

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit educational organization with a science and personalized spirituality balanced vision that seeks to create a more equitable world as well as a sustainable and thriving future for all!

Unfortunately, to have any realistic hope of achieving this long-term vision and mission, we must first deal with the single most significant disruptor of the 21st-century. That is the escalating global warming extinction emergency. Surviving this escalating and massive global disruptor means working with those who are ready to prepare for and adapt to the many now unavoidable consequences of the global warming extinction emergency.

It also means to do everything we can to slow down the global warming-caused extinction process to have time to save and salvage everything we can while we still can do so.

To discover how Universe Spirit will help you manage, prepare for, and adapt to the accelerating consequences of the escalating global warming extinction emergency as well as help you in many other ways, our full mission here.



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