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The Universe Spirit Logo: What does it mean?

Universe Spirit offers a new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, philosophy, and vision grounded in science.

For those of a spiritual nature, it also offers a science-grounded, open-source, and individualized new form of an evolutionary spiritual philosophy (a way of life.) 

Universe Spirit name when it is abbreviated it spells US. We are an evolving community that integrates the many dynamics of the "us" of group union. Those dynamics include the needs, rights, and responsibilities (obligations) and freedoms of the "us and we" of a community held in an optimal and sustainable balance with the needs, rights, and responsibilities (obligations) and freedoms of the individual members of the community.

The Parts of our Logo

The open circle logo (at the top right of this page) has an eight-pointed shining star symbol at its center. It is the logo and symbol of the universe itself and of the Universe Spirit organization. It is rich in meaning that reflects the values and principles of the Universe Spirit organization.

Our Complete Logo Symbol Represents:

The Universe.

The inclusion of all individuals, clans, tribes, nations, planets, systems, galaxies, and that great mystery, which is the origin of the universe as one single universe union. (If there are multiple universes, the symbol would also include all universes in the multiverse.)

Our social activism goal of increasing the conscious creation of sustainable prosperity for ALL individuals, groups, and the planet within the universe's evolutionary system.

The way we currently do this is by lessening the planet's 12 major global crises by resolving its single greatest challenge and disrupter the global warming emergency. The way we do this in part is found in our Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan, which is designed to prevent total human extinction within our lifetimes.

The Eight Point Star with the White dot in the Center of our Logo Represents:

The evolutionary Big Bang that gave birth to this universe,

The Stars that went into supernova so that the periodic table of elements necessary for all life on our planet could be born,

The centrality and importance of self-reflective and universe-reflective expanding human consciousness, just beginning in the form of Evolutioneers, planetary citizens, and universe citizens to intentionally, wisely, and consciously partner with the universe in progressively co-evolving the universe,

The critical importance of this current era in human history in birthing the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview as well as its shining and amazing benefits to the future generations of this planet and all progressive evolution in the universe.

And, if you are spiritual in nature the 8 pointed star with a white dot in the center also represents:

Ultimate Reality at the center of all reality (and paradoxically surrounding and including all forms of physical universe reality,)

The highest individual identity, meanings, and purposes of self, soul, or spirit embodied within the incomplete progressively evolving universe of time and space.


The Unfinished Circle Section of the Logo Represents:

Universe evolution always being an ever-unfinished and ongoing process of change more than a fixed end result,

The incompleteness of progressive evolution in this universe,

Our continual openness to all sources of authentic knowledge and wisdom,

Our humbling recognition that our best science facts and truths are not absolute certainties, but just working probabilities until even more accurate facts and truths (probabilities,) are discovered in our shared evolutionary life process,

The incomplete, ever-expanding universe or multi-universes,

The humbling incompleteness of our ever-evolving knowledge and understanding of life in the universe itself,

The Cosmic Oroborus, (The timeless symbol of the snake trying to eat its own tail signifying the cyclical or spiraling nature of things,)

Collaborative space of Evolutioneers, evolutionary activists, planetary citizens, universe citizens, and for progressive evolution where there is always an opening for new knowledge and wisdom to enter.

And, if you are spiritual in nature the unfinished circle also represents:

The humbling incompleteness of our knowledge of Ultimate Reality.

The endlessly increasing empowerment found within transformative, direct spiritual experience of and with Ultimate Reality balanced with authentic spiritual practice (Authentic spiritual practice to us includes among many other things spiritual decision making, psychological shadow work, and spiritualized action and service in the world.)

The unending evolving possibilities of expanding Evolution Spirituality (a spiritual philosophy based on evolutionary principles) and your personal spirituality through infinity and eternity,

The unending and incomplete search for the universal common denominators of a nondenominational spirituality philosophy and meta-spirituality (the core essences of all religions) that will unite us in our highest spiritual intentions and Origins and yet still appreciate and respect our many spiritual diversities.


The Unfinished Circle Being Off-Center Represents:

The always present space for the unpredictable uncertainties of the universe and the universe randomness and seeming chaos that keep things interesting,

Creating new possibilities of solutions for future evolution and motivating new adaptation and development,

That there is also an element of inherent or present disharmony, imbalance, or even conflict of differentials in the universe and it is also an included, natural and integrated part of the universe’s evolutionary processes,

The still imperfect symmetry of the evolving universe,

The many non-linear and nonsequential universe processes of the universe's progressive evolution.

The Two Sides of the Open Circle of Our Logo Reaching Toward Each Other Represent:

The ever-expanding universe,

The integration of currently valid science with the life-affirming spiritual wisdom from earlier eras (pre-modern, traditional, modern, postmodern and post-postmodern integral,) with the very latest science and new spiritual wisdom of Evolution Spirituality and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview,

The integration and the continuous dynamic process of balancing the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview's core two-pronged encompassing (and not overthrowing,) processes of transcendence and inclusion. (This refers particularly to including all of the best of our science, art philosophy, and our multi-cultural developments integrated with the best of humanity's life-affirming heritage of spiritual values and wisdom while still seeking to transcend these best inclusions to date and, while still transcending those non-life-affirming things from our past spiritual, scientific and cultural heritage that no longer serve the overall health of all of the spiral of life. ("Transcend and include" and/or "encompassing not overthrowing" is one of our most often used slogans.)

And, if you are of a spiritual nature, the two sides of the open circle reaching towards each other also represent:

The integration and the continuous dynamic process of balancing the rationality and fact probabilities of science with the values and wisdom of spirituality, 

The integration of art with spirituality,

The integration and power re-balancing of male and female gender issues and male and female spiritual philosophy, (This means re-integrating and re-balancing the currently dominant patriarchal and male power biased social, economic, and spiritual practices, customs and institutions with the matriarchal, communion, nurturing, and other qualities of the social and spiritual feminine, (See our Century of Women program for more on re-establishing this appropriate balance.)

The integration and the continuous dynamic process of balancing the best from both western and eastern spiritual forms, (Eastern spirituality often characterizes Ultimate Reality in the impersonal absolutes of Buddhahood, Consciousness, or the unifying creative force in Nature. Western spirituality often characterizes Ultimate Reality in the personal absolutes of God, Allah, Jehovah, the Trinity, the Universal One, or, one of many other both personal sacred names given to the Creator and Origin of all reality. At Universe Spirit, we embrace and hold an openness toward the paradoxical possibilities of both the personal and impersonal absolutes of Ultimate Reality coexisting simultaneously. (Our logo is also the logo and symbol used by Evolutioneers, the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview, Planetary, and Universe Citizens, Evolution Spirituality. It is also used at Universe Day, the Universe Institute, and in the Universe Principles of Sustainability. 


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