Welcome to the greatest evolutionary challenge, opportunity, and adventure in history:

"How we will manage the accelerating global warming extinction emergency as one human family to save ourselves and our civilization before it is too late. We do this in order to solely maintain and expand a sustainable and thriving future for all."

Our Mission:

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit educational organization here to inform, inspire, and help you evolve.

It comes from a science and personal spirituality balanced vision that is designed to help you create a sustainable and thriving future as well as a more equitable world for all!

Unfortunately, to have any realistic hope of achieving this vision and mission, we must first deal with the single largest disruptor of the 21st-century. That is the escalating global warming extinction emergency. 

Surviving this escalating and massive global disruptor means working with those who are ready to prepare for and adapt to the now unavoidable consequences of the global warming extinction emergency.

It also means to do everything we can to live more sustainably and to slow down the global warming-caused extinction process to have time to save and salvage everything we can while we still can do so.

To discover how Universe Spirit will help you manage, prepare for, and adapt to the consequences of the escalating global warming extinction emergency while building a thriving and more sustainable future for all, see items 1-5 below.

Universe Spirit will help you:

1. Prepare for and adapt to humanity's seven most dangerous future-ending ecological and social global challengesparticularly, the global warming extinction emergency. 

To understand exactly what the escalating global warming extinction emergency is, see this page.

For what we must do to save ourselves from the escalating global warming extinction emergency, see the Job One for Humanity plan action steps. (Job One for Humanity is a sister website.)

Learn more about global warming extinction in later phases of the Climageddon Extinction Scenario and Countdown here.  

2. Live a better, more healthy and meaningful personal and social life through science integrated with your current own spiritual practices and the practices of the new Universe Spirituality (AKA the universe's original religion, Evolution Spirituality, Religion 2.0.)

3. Create individual lifestyles and livelihoods of Sustainable Prosperity while helping to slow down, prepare for, and adapt to the global warming extinction emergency. These different actions will also lower our individual fossil fuel usage to meet or come very close to the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and help create a sustainable and prosperous future for all. (See the Sustainable Prosperity section for details.)

4. Create your own independent and sustainable eco-community in global warming-safer locations. Or, you can join one that is well-prepared to survive the inevitable onslaught of escalating global warming and other global catastrophes that we will not be able to stop no matter what we do at this point. (See these Universe Community sections of this website for all the information you will need to do to create your own self-organizing and independent local eco-community.)

5. Recover from increasingly more severe, frequent, and larger global warming catastrophes with useful information on recovery, relocation, and migration from our new Global Warming Recovery, Relocation, and Migration Center

A Little Necessary Global Warming Bad News Balanced by Good News from a "Big Picture" Evolutionary Perspective

We are practical as a community about the urgency of our mission which is to survive a global warming mass extinction event occurring within our lifetimes.

Therefore, it is first necessary to see conditions precisely as they are to improve them.

We currently recognize that other than global thermonuclear war or a total global financial collapse, there is one dominant and keystone roadblock humanity must manage to survive, thrive, and create a sustainable and prosperous future for itself. This urgent global challenge is to:

a.) be well-prepared for,

b.) adapt to, and,

c.) work diligently to slow the escalating environmental destruction, economic loss, and suffering due to our current mostly out of control global warming and its ever-growing mass extinction threat within our lifetimes.

Unfortunately, the escalating global warming extinction emergency is also the largest and most immediate threat multiplier and convergence catalyst for all of Humanity's six other major global challenges. Therefore, there is a true urgency to handle the global warming extinction emergency on a "first things first," basis before everything tumbles out of control into environmental, economic, and political chaos. That is why it is the central issue we must deal with now at Universe Spirit in order to someday build a better world! 

To see how we balance this global warming bad news with the good news from a bigger picture evolutionary perspective, click here. This good news is the most read webpage on our sister website, Job One for Humanity.

How We Achieve Our Mission:

Our organization works with Job one for Humanity to educate on how to adapt to, prepare for, slow, and survive what is coming (the global warming Climageddon Extinction Scenario and Countdown.)

We do this by forwarding and living:

a.) the Job One for Humanity Plan to end global warming.

b.) the principles of "Sustainable Prosperity."

c.) a new "Universe Evolutionary Worldview" based on current sciences (particularly the evolutionary sciences such as cosmology, evolutionary biology, evolutionary history, etc.).

d.) the new meta-principles of successful evolution (we call them the Universe Principles).

e.) the science and universal humanitarian principles of Universe Spirituality/Religion 2.0.

Our educational mission is empowered by the principles of science, evolution as well as integrated with the time-proven principles of healthy personal spirituality and sustainability.

To see what we mean by using science and evolution principles, click here.

To see what we mean by a healthy and sustainable personal spirituality, click here.

For a quick additional "feel" of the scientific grounding as well as the emotional and unique spiritual spaciousness of our organization:

Click this link and read about the rich meaning embedded in our circular starburst-like logo. It will give you a great quick emotional overview and feel for who we are and what we are. If you want to explore more, click the FAQ link at the top of every page on our website.

You Can Be an Evolutioneer and Part of the Greatest Evolutionary Challenge and Adventure in Human History, which is:

"How we will manage the accelerating global warming extinction emergency as one human family to save ourselves and our civilization before it is too late.

We do this in order to solely maintain and expand a sustainable and thriving future for all."

Here is how you can help and volunteer:

a.) First, click this Join/Subscribe link (or the one at the top of the page),

b.) Next, after you had a little bit of time to explore our website, please email us at manage@universespirit.organd tell us how you would like to volunteer and help as well as what you like about what we are doing. 

Are you already an Evolutioneer?

You may not yet know what an Evolutioneer is, but if you have found this website, you probably are one.

We define Evolutioneers as individuals who consciously evolve and successfully manage their lives and environments using the best of science integrated with the best of Humanity's rich spiritual traditions. Many Evolutioneers understand the science and fundamental principles of evolution. They know how to use evolution's proven successful processes to improve and sustain their own lives and the world around them.

Many Evolutioneers have developed their own open-sourced and personalized spirituality drawn from the best of science and our many spiritual traditions. We call this new form of science-informed personal spirituality Universe Spirituality, Evolution Spirituality, or Religion 2.0. 


Inspirations for Evolutioneers