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Printable Short Universe Principles

(At the bottom of this page, you will find short, printable forms of the Universe Principles for your daily use. You will also find instructions below on how to use the Universe Principles to test their effectiveness.)

"The Universe Principles are the meta-principles of successful and sustainable universe evolution. Within them is captured the universe's core wisdom concerning what the universe has learned about sustainable success over the last 13.8 billion years. As a fully integrated system within them, you will also find every life-affirming human virtue and society's wisest moral and ethical precepts for keeping groups thriving and cooperating. They help you create an optimal and right relationship to the realities of successful and sustainable evolution and the universe." Lawrence Wollersheim

Enhance Your Life Success with a 5 Minute a Day, Easy to Do 7 Day, 5 Minutes a Day Experiment.

You are about to begin your own personal experiment in creating successful personal evolution. By the time you complete it, you will know the truth about the thrilling effectiveness of the Universe Principles of Right Action and Right Attitude for yourself.

At the bottom of this page, you will find links to printable short forms of the Universe Principles of Right Action and the Universe Principles of Right Attitude. Both parts of the Universe Principles will be used in your simple experiment. The validity and usefulness of the Universe Principles have been directly and indirectly derived from evolutionary science. Later in this online booklet, you will also find a link that explains why the Universe Principles work so well.

"Imagine if you could take the most successful and sustainable principles from evolution's 13.8 billion years of trial-and-error testing and put those life lessons into simple actions and "attitudes" that you could use to guide your life into more meaningful and sustainable success. That's what the Universe Principles are all about." Lawrence Wollersheim

How to Start your Universe Principles Success Enhancement Experiment:

Step 1.) Print out only the two short forms of the Universe Principles of Right Actions and Right Attitudes found off the links at the bottom of this page.

The Right Actions are all of the integrated essential minimal actions of evolutions' marvelous system for thriving and sustaining individuals and groups.

The Right Attitudes help to create the optimal evolutionary "big picture" perspective and attitude from which you will most effectively and wisely adapt and apply the Right Actions. (The Right Actions should never be applied without applying them using the Right Attitudes.)

Step 2.) In order to know if your experiment was successful, you need to know what is the state of things before you begin the experiment. Doing this "where are you now" test is fast and simple. Using the now printed Right Actions and Right Attitudes ask yourself "how well am I currently applying this (each,) principle in my life?"

Rate yourself on a 1-10 scale with 10 being you are applying it perfectly and 0 being you are not applying at all. Mark your pre-experiment ratings for each principle on the first blank line after each principle. (The second blank line is for the second end-of-experiment rating that you will do at the end of the experiment.) If you do not believe or understand some principle at all and you are not applying it in any way in your life just give yourself a 0 rating on that item for now.

Step 3.) Each day for 7 days simply read these meta-principles of evolution. They all can be read in about 5 minutes or less! It is your choice if you want to read the Right Actions or the Right Attitudes first. (If you meditate, we suggest that you use the Right Actions and Right Attitudes as part of your daily meditation.)

Don't worry if you miss a day, just keep going until you reach 7 repetitions. Don't worry if you do not yet understand all of the evolution science behind all of the Universe Principles. Evolution is the most complex thing in the universe and even our most advanced students are still learning all the science behind the Universe Principles validity.

But, if you really want or need to understand more about why these evolution principles are so effective or, if you do not believe them to be true, go to these separate Right Actions and the Right Attitudes medium length online booklet links and read more about the Right Actions and the Right Attitudes before you do this experiment.

Step 4.) In whatever ways that you can during the 7 day reading period try to live the Universe Principles in your daily life as best as you can and as well as you understand them. Perfection is not necessary! Also do not forget to generously self-acknowledge yourself for any progress in applying one or more of the Universe Principles. Keep in mind that the more you read and use them the more you will enter into a closer alignment with the unstoppable wave of the progressive directionality of universe evolution and the more that this evolutionary wave will carry you forward!

Here are a few questions you can use for each principle to help you figure out how to live them more fully:

a.) What am I doing that most violates this particular principle?

b.) What simple thing could I do today to improve that?

Step 5.) There is a final step at the end of the 7 days or 7 Repetitions. This is where you will carefully and objectively review how reading and using the principles of universe evolution has affected your life. The page with Step 5 is found after the short form Universe Principles pages linked at the bottom of this online booklet.

Keep in mind that:

a.) the more you are able to use the principles of universe evolution in a balanced, integrated, and all-inclusive way --- the better your experimental results will be!

b.) All of Universe Principles are essential to having a complete evolution-based system. They are also integrated with each other to produce the full evolutionary cycle or spiral of thriving success and sustainability. And, in some ways, they also act to counter-balanced each other.

c.) These principles of successful and sustainable evolution are so powerful that if you like after you become familiar with them by reading more about where they come from (here at Right Actions and separately at Right Attitudes,) you can even rewrite them in your own words and put them in any order your like. You can make them more simple or shorter for yourself just by having only one principle or concept per short sentence. You can also eliminate the extra explanations after the main principles.

As long as you do not lose any of the included evolution-proven concepts, processes, nouns, adjectives, and verbs within them, they will still work as a complete, balanced and integrated system to profoundly evolve and improve your life. If you do rewrite them please keep in mind that these principles have been rewritten over 120 times. Every single concept of substance within them is essential to the full working evolutionary process for proven success and sustainability. (If you do write your own personal version, please send us a copy at [email protected] .)

The Final Step 5 of the Experiment; Do only at the end of the Experiment to Evaluate Your Results

After you have completed testing the Universe Principles it is time to carefully review how reading and using the principles of universe evolution has affected your life. Here is how to do this:

a.) Rate your results: Once again ask for each principle yourself "how well am I currently applying this principle in my life?"Use the same 1-10 scale with 10 being perfect and 0 being not at all. This time mark your end-of-experiment rating down on the second blank line after each principle.

b.) Evaluate your results: If you have experienced the benefits of living these principles of universe evolution in a profound and positive way, then:

1.) We suggest that you may want to keep reading the Universe Principles for another 21 days in order to deepen your results and turn the Universe Principles into stronger habits of action and attitude. (Science tells us it takes at least 21-30 days of repeating anything to begin to form a habit. And next,

2.) If you have been successful in your 7- 30 day experiment, please share this valuable experiment and life enhancement tool. Be sure to send the link on this page for the Universe Principles experiment to your friends and share the life empowerment tools that you experienced. And next,

3.) If you have been successful in your 7- 30 day experiment, we strongly recommend that you click here and test out if you are ready to make The Great Commitment to further supercharge your ongoing personal evolution and developmental process. (Do not skip this empowering step if you have had a good experiment.

4.) Once you have completed reading The Great Commitment link, then continue to read more about the Universe Principles or the new Evolution 2.0 on our website at www.UniverseSpirit.org or you can even begin the first steps of our Job One for Humanity Program.

c.) If your experiment of 7- 30 days was not successful and you have not experienced the benefits of living these principles of universe evolution in a profound way, then do nothing more. Your personal experiment was not successful.  (If you did not actually do the experiment as described above, you may want to try it again or practice it a bit longer after making the appropriate adjustments. )

"When you know and practice the Universe Principles you are living some of the most powerful wisdom that evolution and the universe can teach us about how to be successful and sustainable both as individuals and as groups." Lawrence Wollersheim

The Short Form Universe Principles of Right Action for Creating Thriving and Sustainable Individuals and Groups

"Right relationship to reality is what ultimately matters." Michael Dowd.

The Universe Principals reflect the right reality relationship to the core principles of reality --- the core principles of ongoing evolution within the universe.

There are several ways to use these powerful principles of right action:

1.) You can use them as a quick review or as a test to see how many of them you are applying in your life or in any particular situation.(This is because the more you use and apply them to any situation the more sustainable and successful you will be.)

2.) You can read them every day as a quick meditation or reminder to support, clarify and motivate better decisions and actions in your life.

Copy and print the following section for daily use:

The Right Actions of Successful Evolution Are:

 1. Experiment! (In at least a small portion of about 5% -10% experiment in whatever you do.) 

 2. Be fully present in each moment for guiding or correctional feedback. 

To effectively discern accurate and unbiased feedback be continually aware of:

a.) yourself, (your actions, thoughts, and feelings.)

b.) others and,

c.) your environment  _____   _____

 3. Quickly use all positive or negative feedback to adapt or "tinker" your experiments closer toward success. (Failure to adapt to what you cannot change or control means that you will eventually be broken down and recycled by the universe for new experiments.) _____   _____

 4. Continually expand your learning and expand your exchangeable life skills. _____   _____

 5. Improve your personal freedom and choice by improving your:

a.) self-organization,

b.) self-responsibility (This also means taking care of yourself so you can help take care of others.) and

c.) self-discipline. _____   _____

 6. Increase the quality, quantity, and balanced sustainability of your individual and group productivity. (Everything needs a continuous supply of energy to maintain itself or grow. Producing and exchanging something that has some form of energy involved within it is how life overcomes entropy a basic universe energy law. Also, if what you produce is not sustainable, the productivity will eventually fall apart.) _____   _____

7. Live, give and demand FAIR energy EXCHANGE! (Fair exchange of some kind of energy (in some form) is absolutely for maintaining the appropriate reciprocality for the exchanges of some form of energy needed to keep any individual, group, or system balanced, in a healthy relationship, and sustainable. Life truly thrives in environments of fair energy exchange between all parties. ) _____   _____

 8. Wisely COOPERATE and always SHARE the benefits of that reciprocal cooperation with all cooperators. (It is not really just "survival of the fittest," but far more it is "survival of the most cooperative." Wise cooperation means always ensure that all of the cooperators sufficiently share in the benefits of that cooperation. This will help ensure they will want to continue to cooperate. Wise cooperation also means insuring that "free riders," "freeloaders" and "gamers of the system" do not drain the resources of any cooperative group without providing a fair exchange for what they use or take!) _____   _____

9. Build more as well as larger benefit-sharing cooperative groupings. (Build cooperative groupings aligned with the Universe Power Principles. This also means fairly contributing to and exchanging with a "commons" area or any grouping you all draw benefits from.) _____   _____

10. Ensure that ALL individuals or groups capture the fair and appropriate positive as well as the fair appropriate negative consequences of their own actions. (Achieve this by implementing individual and group full transparency, truth, and accountability! This will create the fastest possible consequence reinforced evolution!) _____   _____

11. Within your wisely cooperative groups improve the:

a.) harmony,

b.) transparency,

c.) order and,

d.) integration _____   _____

12. Increase individual and group resiliency and reserves! (Do this for insurance against unexpected learning or other mistakes, natural emergencies, individual or social accidents, possible emerging new universe uncertainties needing unexpected resources or, for charity support distribution uses.)  _____   _____

13. Continue to release all individual and group potentials toward the objective of transcending existing limits! _____   _____

14. Expand Universe Principle aligned influence, control, or management into larger environments. (Do your important and needed role of being a true partner in teaching and forwarding the success principles of progressive evolution of the universe. Your life and group will eventually do better as more individuals and groups recognize and apply these principles.) _____   _____

The Short Form Universe Principles of Right Attitude for Creating Thriving and Sustainable Individuals and Groups

"The only way to apply the Right Actions of the Universe Principles effectively, wisely or compassionately is by using the balancing universe scale meta-perspectives of the Right Attitudes. The Right Actions and Right Attitudes are inseparable. They create an integrated whole and a balanced evolutionary system for sustainable success. The Right Attitudes provide a near ultimate balance, a biggest possible picture/perspective and an essential evolutionary framing for the many relative and small-scale practical decisions and actions that we need to take each day." Lawrence Wollersheim

There are several ways to use these powerful principles of right attitude:

1.) You can use them as a quick review or as a test to see how many of them you are applying in your life or in any particular situation. (This is because the more you use and apply them to any situation the more sustainable and successful you will be.)

2.) You can read them every day as a quick meditation or reminder to support, clarify and motivate better decisions and actions in your life.

Copy and print the following section for daily use:

The Right Attitudes of Successful Evolution Are:

1. The universe is the only "text" with no "context." It is the context that holds everything in one total union! From what we know now, only one universe exists, everything is included and nothing is excluded from this great union. Enjoy being completely embedded within a unique universe union and being in a matter-energy space and time-sharing partnership of yourself with ALL other beings and things that are also sharing our progressively evolving universe union with you. _____   _____

2. Acknowledge that at the deepest levels, the universe --- just is! (This infers that there is a fundamental kind of neutrality existing inherently within the universe. This existential or ultimate neutral "issness" to all universe realities also infers that there is no inherent or intrinsic deficiency within you, the evolution process or any thing or reality within the universe. Everything is in a continuous, inherent, and natural core state of "issness" in spite of whatever else you later add to that "issness" when you think about it. Acknowledge and feel this neutral "issness" found at the core of everything within your life and r-e-l-a-x!) _____   _____

3. Accept that no matter how it looks right now, every thing that is emerging into being is emerging at the “perfect” timing for its own next step of evolution! _____   _____

4. Embrace the universe as being the current most IDEAL place and "University" for:

a.) releasing and developing the full inherent potentials of any thing through experience and sharing relationship,

b.) learning and adapting to guiding developmental feedback,

c.) having diverse and novel experiences.

(Know that there can be no complete or real loss whenever you have either developed or learned or, have expanded your experience and relationships.) _____   _____

5. Accept that unending change is natural and dominant in evolution. (Resisting the reality of continuous evolutionary change and the evolutionary process is what you can add to the pain of uncomfortable change to make it last longer and hurt more!) _____   _____

6. Trust that everything always works out for the greatest possible good. (This is initially always true at the level of the universe as a whole system. Next, it is also mostly true (at the highest possible percentage of good for your own life's actions.) if your life is well-aligned with these Universe Principles!) _____   _____

7. In spite of how it often looks, the evolution of the known universe and our planet is currently in the most evolutionarily developed and best state of its known existence! (Whatever you see this is just where we are at individually or collectively at this stage of humanity's evolution. This IS our current developmental best! And, don't forget that nothing that "IS" at this time is also inherently and ultimately wrong or deficient.)  _____   _____

8. Let it go when anything needs to be over! Recycle it back into the universe for reuse in new experiments. _____   _____

9. Enjoy each now of today as best you can! (There are no 100% guarantees for your or the future! Evolution is filled with necessary uncertainties and unpredictable creative spontaneity. ) _____   _____

10. Feel the wonder of our universe being one single UNION consisting of the interconnection of all things in:

a.) inter-dependent relationships that also share in one way or another,

b.) ALL universe matter, energy space, and time.

(It is and always has been an energy, matter, space, and time SHARING universe in spite of what many of our current cultural systems suggest!) _____   _____

11. Celebrate existing within a universe of ongoing:

a.) spontaneity,

b.) creativity,

c.) abundance,

d.) beauty and

e.) adventure.

(For over 13.8 billion years the universe's system of evolutionary processes have consistently proven themselves to be not only the most successful system that has ever existed, but they have also shown themselves to be the source of the largest abundance of energy, matter, space and time that has ever been known to exist!) _____   _____

Heard enough? 

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