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Training for Evolutionary Spirituality facilitators, teachers, ministers, and cofounders

(This facilitator, teachers, ministers, and co-founders FAQ section can be used as an individual study check sheet or even as Evolution Spirituality training materials to understand for setting up your own self-organized local group or center. At the end of this section is an action list for what you can do to get started practicing Evolution Spirituality at the highest levels.)

Difficulty Codes Used below:

Difficulty Ratings:

1.) beginner (B,)

2.) intermediate (I,)

3.) advance (A,) and,

4.) teacher/minister/co-founder (TMC.)

Other Content-Type Ratings:

In some areas, we have added the following content codes. [R2.0] for mostly all-new Evolution Spirituality materials, [R1.5] for mostly older Spirituality/Religion version 1.5 materials, or [R1.0] for mostly the oldest Spirituality/Religion version 1.0 materials. If there is no content rating, you can assume that it is mostly the new Evolution Spirituality material.

Evolution Spirituality Membership and How to Become a Self-Taught and Self-Ordained Facilitator, Minister, Teacher, or Co-Founder

How can I help spread Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview in my local area? (B)

How do I become a member or volunteer? (B)

Can I be a member of Evolution Spirituality and also remain a member of my current religious denomination? (B)

Do you have ministers of some kind who teach and/or perform Evolution Spirituality ceremonies? (B)

Learn about the ceremonies that are currently associated with Evolution Spirituality? (B) [R1.5]

What are the general criteria for becoming a Self-Ordained or Organizationally Ordained "Sustainability, Life and Spirit teacher, minister or facilitator in the Evolution Spirituality Movement? (B)

What is the code of ethics for Evolution Spirituality's "Sustainability, Life and Spirit" facilitators, ministers, and teachers? (I)

What is the Recommended Book List of Evolution Spirituality Reading for Teachers and Ministers? (A)


The Advanced Ideas, Principles, and Practices of Evolution Spirituality For Facilitators Teachers and Ministers and Co-founders

What is the attitude of Evolution Spirituality on how best to reach its mission goals? (I)

What are the spiritual safeguards that are used in Evolution Spirituality? (B) [R1.5]

What is the "Kernel" of Core Principles of Evolution Spirituality? [This also is an essential part of the Religion 2.0 catechism.](I)

What do you mean when you say that Evolution Spirituality is an "open-source religion" and an "open source spirituality? [This also is an essential part of the Evolution Spirituality core "catechism."] (I)

Why are the evolutionary spirituality, integral spirituality, eco-spirituality, and women’s spirituality movements part of Evolution Spirituality? (A) [R1.5]

Is there a role for the Divine Feminine (or Goddess) in Evolution Spirituality? (B) [R1.5]

What is our World Spirituality Day celebration and when is it? (B)

What are the Three Great Adventures in relation to the Three Great Works, Three Great Commitments, and the Three Great Alignments of the Universe Age? (I)

Why is it important to provide some form of fair exchange for services one receives from Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Spirit organization? (B)

What is the full description of all key aspects of Evolution Spirituality?  (A)


How to Set Up Your Own Independent Evolution Spirituality Center and/or Local Universe Community

Click here for the latest updates on creating your own Universe eco-community. It contains current locations, member qualifications, and other new info not found below.

How do I create my own Universe Community or Evolution Spirituality group or center? (B, I)

What practical art-of-living skills courses could be taught at your independent local center within the Universe Community and Evolution Spirituality essential for a meaningful, successful, and sustainable life? (I)

What are the mission-critical expansion principles of self-organization that are used by members and those seeking to create new groups and centers? (A)

What are the collaborative principles used in Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Community? (A)

What is the role of the co-intelligence principles used in Evolution Spirituality and by Universe Spirit community members to expand the movement? (A)

What are the Key Administrative Qualities and Principles Used within Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Community? (B)

What are the key Spiritual Qualities and Principles used within Evolution Spirituality? (A)

What are the Codes of Conduct and Ethics for Evolution Spirituality and Universe Community members, teachers, and ministers/facilitators? (Level two, three, and four spiritual disciplines and practices.) (I) (A)

How does the Open-Source Practice of "Forking" Protect The Evolution Spirituality Movement? (B)

What is our position on copyright ownership, commercial uses, individual recognition, patents, and trademarks concerning spiritual wisdom and the global spiritual commons? (B)

Why is it important to provide some form of fair exchange for all services that one receives from anyone or organization within the Universe Community or from Universe Spirit or any independent local Evolution Spirituality organization? (B)

Are there basic online courses about Evolution Spirituality where I can start to learn more? (B)

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