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The Universe Spirit Organizational and Administrative Policies and Procedures

Universe Spirit is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, which is very rare these days. Our volunteers are independent, self-organizing individuals who have a passion for science and healthy spirituality.

Our volunteers self-organize and coordinate to handle our social media, marketing, research, events, and even accounting. Our volunteers do all of the blog postings as they have done for many years.

Additionally, if you also think of our organization as a not-for-profit media platform (like Facebook) where passionate researchers and social activists meet electronically to collaborate and coordinate, share effective ideas and comments, and then independently act on self-chosen and self-organized projects, you would have a very good idea of how we get everything done with volunteers and what our unique organization is.

The Universe Spirt social benefit organization integrates science, evolutionary principles, philosophy, and where applicable for those of a spiritual nature, the best and healthiest aspects of humanity's vast spiritual heritage. This integration of practical information is then applied to improving daily lives and the world.

Learn More About The Universe Spirit Organization

Please note: B is starting level, I is intermediate level material, and A is advanced material:

What does the Universe Symbol used on your websites symbolize and mean? click here. (B)

What is the Universe Spirit Non-profit Organization? (B)

What is the Universe Spirit mission? (B)

What is the relationship between the Universe College, Universe Academy, Universe Institute, and Universe Spirit websites? (B)

How can my organization form an alliance with your organization? (B)

What is the organization's history? (B)

Who runs the organization and manages the Universe Spirit website? (B)

How many people are currently involved in Universe Spirit? (B)

What are the key goals of Universe Spirit? (I)

What is the Universe Institute? (A)

What is Your Mission for Advanced Students? (A)

What is your Universe Day celebration, and when is it? (B)

What is the Century of Women that Universe Spirit promotes? (B)


What Are Universe Spirit's Administrative Policies And Principles

What is your organizational position on the evolutionary process itself when applied to new information and the organization? (B)

What is your organization's position on the importance of open dialog within the movement? (I)

What are the collaboration principles used in your organization? (I)

What is the role of the co-intelligence principles used by Universe Community members to expand the movement? (A)

What are the self-organization principles that the Universe Community uses? (I)

What is your organization's position on human rights and human responsibilities? (I)

What is your organization's position on social activism? (I)

What is your organization's position on polarizing individuals or groups? (I)

What is your organization's position on the importance of personalities or celebrities within the Universe movement? (B)

What is your organization's position on copyright ownership, commercial uses, individual recognition, patents, and trademarks concerning spiritual wisdom and the global spiritual commons? (B)

What are the complete operational and administrative principles of the Universe Spirit community? (A)


Recommended Universe Spirit Website Exploration Paths For Returning Visitors and Advanced Students

About Universe College: (Universe College is currently under re-construction and upgrade, and the links below may not be working. We hope to have it back up in the 3rd quarter of 2021.)

What is the Universe College? (B)

How do I decide which Universe College course is right for me? (B)

What are the goals of the Universe College? (B)

What are the Practical Art-of-Living Skills that are taught at the Universe College? (B)

What are the course costs, and how does your suggested donation-free access system work for most courses? (B)

What is the Relationship Between the Universe College, Universe Institute, and Universe Spirit websites? (B)


Special Note: All of the Materials on the Universe Spirit Website are always like evolution itself in a continuous evolutionary process. We invite you to self-organize and local study group or meet-up group or even a local center to share, evolve, and adapt these materials as is appropriate.

If you have a question that is not answered on our FAQs, please feel free to e-mail it to us at [email protected] with "New FAQ Question" in the subject line.

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