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The Universe Spirit Mission and Goals

Universe Spirit is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, which is very rare these days. Our volunteers are independent, self-organizing individuals who have a passion for science and healthy spirituality.

Our volunteers self-organize and coordinate to handle our social media, marketing, research, events, and even accounting. Our volunteers do all of the blog postings as they have done for many years.

Additionally, if you also think of our organization as a not-for-profit media platform (like Facebook) where passionate researchers and social activists meet electronically to collaborate and coordinate, share effective ideas and comments, and then independently act on self-chosen and self-organized projects, you would have a very good idea of how we get everything done with volunteers and what our unique organization is.

Universe Spirit is at its core an educational organization. It offers an empowering new worldview that integrates and balances current science with philosophy and a life-affirming personalized spiritual philosophy for those of a spiritual nature.

We are here to inspire you to:




thrive, and

become an Evolutioneer of a better future. 

Our primary mission includes helping you create healthy, sustainable prosperity for yourself and your loved ones while you also help create a sustainable and equitable world for all. 

Our greatest news may be that we can do this! But only if we work together to resolve or slow the rapid worsening of the world's 12 greatest crises. (These 12 worsening global crises, which we often refer to as the coming Great Global Collapse, are described in detail on this page.)

Because of the worsening of the world's major global crises and the further acceleration of the global warming emergency, our organization was forced to recently update its mission. We have refocused our mission to serve those individuals and groups who want to survive the coming Great Global Collapse and the extinction of much of humanity. The higher purpose for trying to survive what is coming (beyond survival itself) is to take the painful lessons learned from the causes of the Great Global Collapse and use that wisdom to create a Great Global Rebirth for humanity's survivors.

Please do not confuse us with an apocalyptic or survivalist organization! On the contrary, we are composed of mature adults who know that we must acknowledge and deal with the current worsening reality to build a better existence. (To learn more about why we are not an apocalyptic or survivalist organization, click here.

More than dealing only with the 12 major global crises we now face, our organization is far more focused on creating the possibilities of the Great Global Rebirth. (The many benefits of the Great Global Rebirth are described on this page and then on this page.)

Even though we are focused on creating the Great Global Rebirth, we still need to get past the Great Global Collapse to get to the Great Global Rebirth's many benefits. So, in essence, our most current and relevant message for the time we are living in is simple:

"We must now wisely prepare for and adapt to the many hardships of an accelerating Great Global Collapse. These prepare and adapt actions will allow us to survive long enough to create the beautiful possibilities and sustainable benefits of the Great Global Rebirth." 

(Many additional Great Global Rebirth benefits are found throughout this website.)

How Universe Spirit and its members are boldly facing the world's 12 greatest global crises

To have any realistic hope of achieving a more equitable and sustainable world we must first deal with the single largest disruptor, threat multiplier, and threat amplifier of the 21st-century. That is the escalating global warming emergency and how it worsens our other 11 major global challenges. 

Surviving our global warming emergency as well as the worsening of our other 11 global crises means working wisely with those who are ready. It means preparing for and adapting to the many now unavoidable consequences. It also means that we do everything we can to live more sustainably right now to slow down the many catastrophic processes that we have collectively and individually created by our past decisions.

The good news is that If we act wisely, we will still have time to save and salvage everything we can! We also have a rational and ethical responsibility to act now and, if you are of a spiritual nature, a moral responsibility and duty to:

a. learn from our mistakes,

b. enact new, more sustainable, and equitable practices,

c. prepare for the coming consequences that are now unavoidable,

d. improve what we still can to slow and lessen coming consequences as much as is possible,

e. adapt to what we can't change, and,

f. evolve wisely so that future generations and biological life will also survive and thrive.

Because of the world's current global warming emergency and our rapidly deteriorating environment, the necessary short-term educational and action goals of our non-profit organization are:

One: To help individuals and businesses decide on one of the four critical climate change choices and personal action or inaction options found on this page.

Until there is a clear decision about what to do about climate change, there is inaction or confusion for both individuals and businesses. This short page is critical to help individuals and businesses make the best possible climate change decisions based on their current situations and resources. This page is the must-do starting point we need to get all individuals and businesses through to successfully help and support those who come to us for climate change emergency information and help. 

Two: Work to Prevent a climate change-triggered total human extinction event from occurring. The climate change-triggered extinction process is, unfortunately, well underway. Moreover, total extinction is now a growing probability because of a series of current and coming climate change consequences worsening most of the world's 11 other major global crises. 

Total extinction is also accurate because we have waited far too long to reduce our global fossil fuel use to safe levels. Because of our 40-year global fossil fuel reduction failure, we now face an unavoidable mass die-off of about half or more of humanity by mid-century! (If such a mass die-off is not possible or pausable to you, please read this page now, which takes you through the detailed steps of the climate-triggered mass extinction process.)

At this point, we must get our governments working together to avoid total human extinction, which could begin as soon as 2070 or sooner. 

We only prevent total extinction from occurring by successfully having Goal Three (below) occur! 

Three: Through education and influence, we compel our politicians and world governments to slow down the accelerating climate change and global warming nightmare before it is too late! Because of climate consequence time lags, our governments must mass-mobilize NOW. They must immediately enforce the correct extinction-preventing 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. (The precise steps of what our governments must do are found in Part Three of the Job One Plan.)

We are running out of time! In 2022, we must compel the world's governments to begin enforcing the needed 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. How to get those who do have the required real, immediate, and direct influence over the world's politicians (the 1% wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities) is found in Part 4 of the Job One Plan. (With so little time left until 2025, only the 1% wealthiest individuals, corporations, and celebrities can get the politicians to act before it is too late!

Four: Get far more individuals and businesses prepared for and adapting to climate change's escalating primary and secondary economic, ecological, social, and political consequences. (How to prepare for them is found in Part One, and how to adapt to them is found in Part Two of the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crisis Resilience Plan.)  

Five: As a last resort, educate more governments worldwide to begin the steps and parts of the Job One Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan B options.

We must also have a Plan B backup plan in motion because our governments might fail to meet the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. In that case, we must have a national Plan B in process with the needed nationwide emergency preparation, adaptation, and migration actions. Governmental level Plan B actions will be required to save and salvage whatever we can of humanity and civilization before it is too late. 

If we successfully execute the Job One Climate and Global Crisis Resilience Plan B, there is a chance that some of humanity will survive. If some of humanity survives the Great Global Collapse and learns from its mistakes, humanity will have a new opportunity to usher in a Great Global Rebirth. 

Having a Plan B in place directly deals with the harsh reality that humanity faces a highly probable near-total or total extinction, and there are no guarantees our governments act in time! 

Six: As a last resort, also support the creation of new eco-communities of Evolutioneers in climate change safer locations. We will provide critical information needed to prepare for, adapt to, and survive the rapidly accelerating climate change emergency and the steady worsening of our 11 other major global crises.

Building sustainable new eco-communities is so essential because our governments are still failing to come even close to the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Building many new eco-communities worldwide is so essential because individuals, small family groups, or clans will not be large enough or able to provide or make enough critical resources or defense necessary to make it through the later dark age-like stages of the Great Global Collapse.

Only those sustainable eco-communities that are well-prepared, well-defended, and have the deepest emotional, philosophical, and shared spiritual ties will have the physical, psychological, and spiritual resilience needed to survive the horrors and difficult daily survival decisions they will be forced to make to survive.

Both Job One for Humanity and its sister website Universe Spirit will help to provide critical physical, psychological, and universalized spiritual information these new eco-communities need. This information will help give these new communities the best chance to make it through the Great Global Collapse to build a better world from the painful lessons learned. (Job One will focus on the physical and emotional aspects of being well prepared and adapting to what is coming, and Universe Spirit will focus on the possible philosophical and universal spiritual common ties and vision needed in these new communities. 

Job One for Humanity will provide critical information to help you understand the multi-threat global emergency we all now face due to global warming worsening with the world's other 11 major global crises. Hopefully, many individuals and businesses will use our warnings and information to help slow global warming and prepare for and adapt to it so they can survive and learn from the coming harsh lessons.

If the lessons of the Great Global Collapse are learned, those lessons can become the new foundation of a new and Great Global Rebirth. (Job One and Universe Spirit are both also forwarding the possibilities of the Great Global Rebirth.

(See this link for more about our eco-community vision.) 

Seven: Collect, envision, and promote the structures, processes, and policies needed to support and maintain the post-collapse Great Global Rebirth. These will be the structures, processes, and policies required for the new surviving population level to be sustainable and always limited by and to the Earth's carrying capacity. Click here to start discovering some of those structures, processes, and policies of the new sustainable prosperity the survivors will create from the painful lessons learned from the Great Global Collapse.

The Great Global Rebirth would eventually include evolving a new form of a global country for ALL of humanity or an empowered global or world federalist-style government that would always first work for the collective wellbeing of ALL world citizens. If we already had a valid, empowered, and working global government, the global warming emergency and the other 11 global crises causing the Great coming Global Collapse would be far easier and more likely to be resolved. 

The Great Global Rebirth would also include evolving new forms of economics. This new form of economics would allow all working citizens to have a living wage and not concentrate dangerous, excessive, or extreme levels of power or wealth in the hands of any individual or company. 

In summary of these short term goals, our initial and primary focus is to support the preparation and adaptation work of those individuals and groups that are bravely facing our many unavoidable and severe global warming and our 11 other environmental and social global crises, while at the same time, they are working to slow and lessen those consequences so we still have time to save and salvage as much of humanity and our civilization as we can. We will do everything we can to help individuals, groups, and their children survive this long-term nightmare so they may eventually birth a sustainable, just, and equitable global society.

Our eight longer-term educational goals for survivors of the Great Collapse are:

To create many more sustainable eco-communities that will survive the Great Global Collapse and be around to help bring about the Great Global Rebirth, Universe Spirit will need to embrace and execute the following additional longer-term goals. While our organization will concentrate on the six short-term goals listed above, the new eco-communities we hope that will come into being all over the world will not survive long unless we also complete the longer-term goals listed below. 

An essential reason these new eco-communities might not survive long enough is that to endure the hardships of the Great Global Collapse, they also will need to have the deepest possible ethical/moral, philosophical, and spiritual roots. From these deep nurturing roots, individual community members will be able to continue to draw strength, resilience, and sustenance to persist and survive the horrors and difficult daily decisions they will be forced to make to survive as the Great Global Collapse worsens.  

Goal One: Educate about the Universe Evolutionary Worldview how to live the Universe Principles. The Universe Principles are simple actions drawn from evolution's most successful principles, which we can take to live successfully and sustainably.

We are passionate about understanding and living in our world from the largest possible perspective and worldview, currently the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. From our experience, when one understands and lives from the largest of possible perspective and worldview, they not only make better short decisions, they also make better long-term decisions and naturally act more effectively and equitably. 

The Universe Principles derived from the Universe Evolutionary Worldview are optimized core evolutionary success principles. These principles will build an empowered, sustainable, and enduring world that has a vastly improved chance of surviving long enough to initiate the Great Global Rebirth. To educate about the Universe Principles will also require us to educate on principles of how to forward the progressive evolution of the Universe. The Universe Principles are based upon these deeper principles of progressive evolution.

Once you also understand the big-picture principles of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview our progressive evolution, and living it's Universe Principles these concepts and principles will help you to:

a.) "forward the progressive evolution of:

i.) yourself as an individual,

ii.) your family, groups, and nation,

iii.) our planet, 

iv.) humanity. And help you do your part to

b.) "create a just, safe and meaningful civilization of sustainable prosperity for today's generations as well as future generations." 

Goal Two: Offer evolutionary science-grounded advice for managing and surviving the worsening of humanity's 12 major global crises.

Goal Three: Educate about sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods to build an equitable and Sustainable Prosperity future for ALL. (Sustainable Prosperity is a comprehensive set of activities and strategies capable of creating a meaningful, equitable, and sustainable prosperity beyond anything previously thought possible. We also teach the principles of sustainable prosperity so that the eco-communities will better survive physically. The Sustainable Prosperity principles are the backbone of any possible Great Global Rebirth. 

Goal Four: Help evolve effective global governance with the needed legislative, judicial, and enforceable executive powers to solve all of the global challenges that cross national borders. If you think about it deeply, you will discover that this critical evolutionary failure of not having yet developed effective global governance is a core structural cause of why most of our current 12 biggest global crises have not been resolved, and they continue to worsen. 

Even though it looks like someone is managing the well-being of the planet as a whole from the United Nations or our international treaties, this is an illusion! No one governing body is effectively or responsibly driving our global "car," and this collective "car is speeding toward a cliff without any single and empowered organization in the driver's seat. 

Goal Five: Educate about secular humanistic ethical values and moral values critically needed to create a sustainable world and eco-communities. These values and the Universe Principles will be critical to thoroughly preparing for and adapting to the hardships of the accelerating Great Global Collapse. Furthermore, these values will help the new eco-communities survive long enough to create the possibilities and benefits of a Great Global Rebirth.

Goal Six: Collect, envision, and promote the new social and spiritual values needed to create and maintain the Great Global Rebirth post-Great Global Collapse. These are the social and spiritual values, structures, processes, and policies required for the survivor population to be socially and spiritually sustainable. Review our FAQ to explore the social and spiritual values, systems, processes, and approaches the survivors will need based on the painful lessons learned from the Great Global Collapse.

Goal Seven: Like the monasteries of the dark ages, which preserved much of human wisdom until the Enlightenment, the new Universe eco-communities would collect and maintain the best of human knowledge, art, and culture for the post-Great Global Collapse era of the Great Global Rebirth. 

And, for those of a spiritual nature,

Goal Eight: Educate about Evolution Spirituality. Evolution Spirituality (aka eco-spirituality) is a new open-source personalized spiritual philosophy based on the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, the Universe Principles, the principles of progressive evolution, and only the most life-affirming wisdom and values from humanity's vast spiritual heritage. (Evolution Spirituality is also sometimes known as Eco-Spirituality, Evolutionary Spirituality, and Universe Spirituality.)

Our science-grounded and spiritual wisdom balanced tools will help create more adaptable, effective, ethical, and thriving:

a.) individuals, 

b.) businesses and nations, 

d.) Evolutioneers as well as planetary citizens and universe citizens, (Learn more about what Evolutioneers are and do here.) And,

e.) Universe Eco-Community members.

What Types of People are Involved in Universe Spirit and Our Universe Eco-Community

Our diverse and collaborative Universe Community includes discerning individuals who honestly see the challenges and 12 worsening major global crises that we face as a global society. They describe themselves by many names such as progressives, global citizens, planetary citizens, universe citizens, sustainability advocates, evolutionaries, evolutioneers, bioneers, evolutionists, evolutionary transhumanists, activist teachers, artists, change agents, scientists, eco-spirituality pioneers, eco-spirituality practitioners, cultural creatives, intentional community members, spiritual progressives, cosmists, progressive members of generation Z, X and Y (Millenials), Integral practitioners, Transhumanists, Evolvers, Wayseers or Zeitgeist movements members to name a few.

In addition to attracting the above types of people, because of our balanced, science-grounded, and more appropriately time-framed messages, we have also been attracting new members away from the following movements: end-of-the-world survivalists, preppers, doomers, "Near Term Human Extinction advocates," post-doom movement members and collapsology members.  

But, it is critical to state that we are not like these end-of-the-world groups by any means! Please see this page which offers a very positive overview of our activism for how Universe Spirit helps prevent the fatalism growing globally concerning our worsening 12 global crises. This short page will provide the many positive facts and perspectives which distinguish us from the many end-of-the-world groups and movements.

Our current social activism mission regarding humanity, the planet, and its bio-systems is to:

"help manage humanity's 12 most urgent global crises using the Job One for Humanity Plan and the principles and practices on the Universe Spirt website.

How We Achieve our Mission

We do it through:

an attitude of love and enjoyment of life as it is right now and,

through practical and effective¬†daily actions¬†that will help you succeed on both the ‚ÄčThree Great Adventures¬†of Life and, adapt to and survive the worsening of¬†the 12 major global crises threatening humanity's future.¬†

About Our Values and Action Plan

As important as our mission is, if not more important, is how we will achieve it. We perform the "how-to" of our mission by promoting and living:

  1. how to succeed while on the ‚ÄčThree¬†Great Adventures¬†in Life. (These adventures ensure a self-directed purpose, principle, and meaning-filled life.)
  2. the universe's 13.7 billion-year-old, time-proven, and practical principles for successful progressive evolution. (These are the core principles that the physical universe uses for successfully sustaining, evolving, and thriving life. We call these the new basics for a fit, adaptable, and thriving life, the Universe's Principles.)
  3. a new worldview called the "Universe Evolutionary Worldview." This worldview is based on current sciences (particularly the evolutionary sciences such as cosmology, evolutionary biology, evolutionary history, chemistry, etc.).
  4. the values and actions of being an Evolutioneer and a Universe Citizen. (Evolutioneers are consciously working toward creating a better world using the tools of Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Universe Citizenship transcends and includes all state, national, and planetary citizenship rights and responsibilities in a new future-promoting balance.)
  5. the Job One for Humanity Plan to slow down global warming and many other of the 11 global crises enough so all of humanity does not go extinct. Our organization also works with Job One for Humanity on how to prepare for, adapt to, slow, and survive the many hardships that are coming due to the 12 major worsening global crises.
  6. a multi-disciplinary sciences approach (particularly in the areas of universe cosmology and discoveries about the universe's progressive evolution when seen as a whole multi-billion-year-old system.)
  7. the new systems thinking and the new dialectical meta-systemic thinking tools for understanding and managing today's interacting complex adaptive systems. (Click here to learn more about these new thinking tools.) And,
  8. the new Universe Spirit eco-community model. These new eco-communities will be far better prepared to survive and thrive through the unavoidable onslaught of accelerating global warming consequences and the severe consequences of the other 11 global crises' worsening. (See these Universe Community sections for all the information on joining one of our Universe communities.)
  9. Evolution Spirituality's wisdom gathered about the Ultimate Reality of the universe discriminatingly gathered from humanity's great spiritual heritage. We have also evolved this balanced integration of the sciences and evolutionary new form of science-grounded, open-source personal spirituality by consciously avoiding the pathologies and extremes of scientific materialism, scientism, or the pathologies and extremes of stifling and fossilized traditional religions. If you are spiritually inclined, Evolution Spirituality will help you expand and evolve your personalized form of spirituality in balance with science. The universal, humanitarian and healthy spiritual principles found in the new Evolution Spirituality transcends and includes the best of previous spiritual practices without the worst of them. 

Through Evolution Spirituality, we also pledge to use current science (particularly evolutionary science) and humanity's vast heritage of life-affirming spiritual wisdom to:

a.) evolve better, more meaningful, and sustainably prosperous individual living conditions,

b.) create a safer and more sustainable planet and

b.) forward the life-affirming principles of progressive evolution out into the universe.

How Universe Spirit and its members are boldly facing the World's 12 greatest global challenges

To have any realistic hope of achieving a more equitable and sustainable world, we must now deal with the single largest disruptor of the 21st-century. That is the escalating global warming emergency and how it worsens and amplifies our other major 11 global challenges. 

Surviving our global warming emergency as well as the worsening of our other 11 global crises means working wisely with those who are ready. It means preparing for and adapting to the many now unavoidable consequences. It also means that we do everything we can to live more sustainably to slow down the catastrophic processes that we have collectively created by our past decisions.

The good news is that If we act wisely, we will still have time to save and salvage everything we can! We also have a rational and ethical responsibility to act now and, if you are spiritual, a moral responsibility and duty to:

a. learn from our mistakes,

b. enact new, more sustainable, and equitable practices,

c. prepare for the coming consequences that are now unavoidable,

d. improve what we still can to slow and lessen coming consequences as much as is possible,

e. adapt to what we can't change, and,

f. evolve wisely so that future generations and biological life will also survive and thrive.

Universe Spirit will help you:

1. Realize, acknowledge, and recover from our rapidly worsening 12 global crises that we have created for ourselves by our collective and individual poor decisions and actions. You can't chart a new and better path until you know where you are starting from and what got you there.

2. Make better choices for creating lifestyles and livelihoods for a thriving and sustainable prosperity for all. Creating sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods is critical to making it through the global warming emergency and our other major 11 global challenges. 

(See the Sustainable Prosperity section on this website and then Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One for Humanity Plan for details on how to do it.)

3. Prepare for, adapt to, and do whatever we still can to manage humanity's worsening 12 most dangerous ecological, economic, and social global crises, particularly the global warming extinction emergency. Our Job One for Humanity Plan will lower our fossil fuel usage to meet or come very close to the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. It will also help us lessen and slow the consequences of the 11 other global crises we all now face.

(To understand what the escalating global warming emergency is, see this page. For what we must do and sacrifice to save ourselves from it, visit the Job One for Humanity Plan action steps. Job One for Humanity is our sister website.)

4. Create supportive new eco-communities worldwide. (in your current local area or a global warming and crises-safer location.) These new eco-communities will be far better prepared to survive and thrive through the unavoidable onslaught of accelerating global warming consequences and the severe consequences of the other 11 global crises' worsening.

(See these Universe Community sections for all the information on joining one of our Universe communities.)

There are many coming ecological, climate, economic, and other catastrophes that we can no longer prevent or stop, no matter what we do at this point. (Click here to read about the many coming dangerous local and global consequences we have created for ourselves because of our decades of poor collective and individual decisions.)

5. Live fulfilling, healthy, and meaningful lives no matter what is going on around us. This is critically essential because of the hardships we will individually and collectively endure until we make the global transition to a more equitable and sustainable world. 

6. Model and be successful examples of eco-community sustainability and fairness principles and behaviors. These thriving new communities will facilitate future generations and biological life surviving and thriving despite the complex, deadly, and unavoidable consequences we must now endure. (Click here to see how we will do this.)

Our Commitment:

We pledge to do everything we can to help you become progressive evolution informed and effective Planetary Citizens, Universe Citizens, and Evolutioneers and support you in living a sustainable, prosperous, and meaningful lifestyle and livelihood. 

Additionally, if you are also spiritually inclined, we will also help you create your own science-grounded, personalized form of what we call Evolution Spirituality.

"We can no longer avoid many of the worse consequences of global warming interacting with the 11 other major global crises. Therefore, our primary goal for adapting to our accelerating mass extinction threat must be to save as many people and as much of our civilization as we possibly can---while we still can!" Lawrence Wollersheim 

You Can Become a Part of the Greatest Evolutionary Challenge and Opportunity in Human History, which is:

to build a more sustainable and equitable world for all while simultaneously also saving:

a. ourselves,

b. humanity,

c. future generations, and

d. our civilization from our rapidly worsening 12 global crises.

This is done by honestly facing and managing our first and highest priority --- the global warming extinction emergency. and then dealing with these other 11 critical global challenges. (Click here to see our Job One for Humanity Plan to help you do this.)


Here's how you can get started immediately and help with our vital mission:

Click here to see the first action steps we strongly recommend for all first-time visitors to Universe Spirit.

In Summary, We Are

a nonprofit organization whose goal is to educate people on how to align their lives with the meta-principles of universe progressive evolution. These principles have been shown over 13.7 billion years of evolutionary testing to sustain life and cause it to adapt successfully, thrive, and be sustainable. Universe Spirit is here to inspire and help you:

  • learn,
  • adapt,
  • evolve,
  • and thrive.

Our best news is that we can still do this. But only if we work together supportively to resolve (or lessen) the current rapid worsening of the world's 12 greatest crises. 


Additional Information

At the biggest picture and whole universe evolutionary level, our meta-mission is to:

"help forward progressive evolution within the universe(s) --- resulting eventually in --- the complete unification and stabilization of the many diverse inter-connected and inter-dependent parts of the universe(s)."

We hold that this "big picture" evolutionary meta-mission when fully unpacked, best honors and reflects the Great Mystery of Ultimate Reality and its evolution within the universe(s).

This mission meta-goal (above) may be the most important of all of our goals. This is because it is the core foundation upon which all well-ordered personal, business, and national goals can be sustainably realized over time.

This is true in part because we hold that the highest overall life purpose of the individual and humanity is to:

"Understand and align one's actions with the actions, values, and meta-principles of universe progressive evolution. This allows you to self-organize as a partner and co-creator with the Universe to contribute to the progressive evolution of the universe and humanity."

Within this single meta-purpose (when understood) is contained all of the other worthwhile, meaningful, and life-affirming purposes of life from every other living area such as politics, economics, society, religion, etc. This is because we are entirely embedded in a vastly larger and more powerful universe, evolutionary system, and directionality.

If we do not align with and contribute to the flow of the universe's over-controlling and over-arching progressive evolutionary directionality, how can we ever expect our lives to go well, be sustainable over time or, be freer from unnecessary or avoidable pain and suffering?

The greater evolutionary purposes of life do not negate your personal goals and passions for happiness and life's many comforts. These greater evolutionary purposes ask you to both use and elevate those personal goals and desires for pleasure and comfort by aligning them with the pre-existing and ever-dominant progressive directionality of universe evolution.

This consequently will also ensure that you will be more effective and sustainable over longer and longer periods. (You will understand our meta-mission better after reading about progressive evolution.)

For all the information on the Universe Spirit community and our organization, click here to see our extensive FAQ.

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