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There is a New Universe Worldview that offers a better life and a better world

Below you will find the critical links to the core ideas of the New Universe Worldview. A new worldview is vital because a worldview is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the whole of the individual's or society's knowledge and point of view.

Whenever a new worldview emerges, there is a great new potential for improvement. (There have been about five new worldviews in the history of human evolution.)

This new Universe Evolutionary worldview will help you live a more successful and sustainable life, and it will help us to manage our 12 biggest global crises. This new worldview provides more hope and new tools than any other previous worldview that has evolved over the centuries before it.

And, you do not need to be Albert Einstein to understand and use it! (Albert Einstein the originator of the Theory of Relativity is below.)

At the end of each link Universe Worldview below, you will also find a code. The (B) is for beginners level, the (I) is intermediate level, and (A) advanced:

The New Universe Worldview? (B) (This is the most important single link as it is an online booklet that will take you through all of the basics concepts of this new worldview.)

What are the Universe Principles as a basic new life practice.

What is the summary overview of the Universe Worldview? (I)

Why is this New Worldview so Important to Our Future? (B)

What are the practical benefits of Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Worldview? (B)

Who are some of the Thinkers, Authors, and Leaders of the Universe Worldview? (B)

Why is the Universe Principle of fair energy exchange critical for a successful life? (B)

How Can I help spread the Universe Worldview in my local area? (B)

What is the Evolutionary Impulse and Evolution's Prime Directive? (B)

In What Ways is the Universe Worldview growing into a Second Enlightenment for Humanity? (I)

What is Human Evolutionary Potential, and What is the Goal of All Human Life from an Evolution-Grounded Perspective? (I, A)

What do you mean by the Universe Worldview goal of sustainable prosperity for all? (I)

Why is Evolution's Genesis Information Important to Every Non-Spiritual and Spiritual Minded Individual? (I)

What are the four basics of Evolutionary Enlightenment? (I)

What are the Evolution 2.0 practical art-of-living skills taught by Evolution 2.0 essential for a meaningful, successful, and sustainable life? (I)

What is an Evolutioneer? Why Are They Important for a Better Future? (I)

What is Universe Consciousness, and how do I create it? (I)

What is the Essential Book List for Evolution 2.0 practitioners, Evolutioneers, Universe Community Members, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Citizens? (B), (I) and (A).

There is much more about the new Universe Worldview in the secular section of our FAQ linked at the top of each page.

If you are uncertain about the 12 greatest global crises humanity now faces, click here.

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