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The Basics of Evolution Spirituality for Intermediate Level Practitioners

Intermediate Level Evolution Spirituality

(This intermediate FAQ section can be used as an individual study check sheet or even as an Evolution Spirituality basic training material. At the end of this section is an action list for what you can do to get started practicing Evolution Spirituality at the intermediate level.)

Difficulty Codes Used below:

Difficulty Ratings:

1.) beginner (B,)

2.) intermediate (I,)

3.) advance (A,) and,

4.) teacher/minister/co-founder (TMC.)

Other Content-Type Ratings:

In some areas, we have added the following content codes. [R2.0] for mostly all-new Evolution Spirituality materials, [R1.5] for mostly older Spirituality/Religion version 1.5 materials, or [R1.0] for mostly the oldest Spirituality/Religion version 1.0 materials. If there is no content rating, you can assume that it is mostly the new Evolution Spirituality material.


The Basics of Evolution Spirituality for Intermediate Level Practitioners

Why Evolution Spirituality Now? (I)

What are the basic ways in which Evolution Spirituality will help improve your life, group, and the future of life on the planet? (I)

What is the Spiritual Prime Directive of Evolution Spirituality? (I)

What is Evolutionary Enlightenment as defined within Evolution Spirituality? (I)What is the difference between the New Consciousness Movement 2.0 vs. the Traditional Consciousness Movement 1.0, and How Does that Relate to Evolution Spirituality? (I)

Why is the role of creativity and art important in the Evolution Spirituality community? (B) (I)

Why is the personalized spirituality practices of  Religion 1.5 important in Religion 2.0? (I)

How do I spiritualize my desires in order to strengthen my spiritual life and Evolution Spirituality practices? (B) [R1.5]

How can I know whether my spiritual practices are effective? (B) [R1.5]

How do You Resolve Life's Important Ethical and Moral Questions from an Evolution Spirituality Evolutionary Value Perspective? (This is the simple "New Golden Rule of Evolution" and Evolution Spirituality.) (I)

What is an Evolution Spirituality Practitioners Greatest Commitment? (I)

What are the Unique Qualities of Evolution Spirituality (I)

What are the practical art-of-living skills taught within Evolution Spirituality that are essential for a meaningful, successful, and sustainable life? (I)

What are the Essential Roles and Balance Between Objective Science and Subjective Personal Exploration within the Evolution Spirituality Movement? (I)

What do you mean when you use the term eco-spirituality in Evolution Spirituality? (I) [R1.5]

What is the Evolution Spirituality symbol, and what does it mean? click here. (I)

What is the full purpose of Evolution Spirituality? (I)

What are the codes of conduct for Evolution Spirituality and Universe Community members? (I)

How can I help spread Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview in my local area? (I)

Why is it important to provide some form of fair exchange for services one receives from the Universe Spirit organization or any organization providing Evolution Spirituality services? (B)


The New Or Expanded Intermediate Terminology and Definitions Essential to Understanding Evolution Spirituality

You use the word "integral" a lot in Evolution Spirituality. What do you mean when you use the word integral? (I)

What does Evolution Spirituality mean by the words Ultimate Reality? (I)

What is Evolution Spirituality's specific description for what God means and what God's nature, purposes, etc., actually is? (I)

What do most religions and some Evolution Spirituality members mean when you use the words Ultimate Reality and Ever-Present Origin? (I)

What do you mean by "spirit" and "spirituality" in Evolution Spirituality? Is it the same as religion? (I)

What do you mean when you use the word "universe" in Evolution Spirituality? (I)

What do you mean when you use the word patriarchal? (I) [R1.5]

What do you mean when you refer to women’s spirituality(I) [R1.5]

What is the new evolutionary definition of peace that embraces the reality of both harmony and conflict? (I)

What do you mean when you use the word partnerships(I)

I sometimes see the unusual spelling of (r)evolutionary on your site. Does it have a special meaning? (I)


How to Get Started with the Intermediate Practices Found in Evolution Spirituality

Review and begin practicing one or more of the surprising core spiritual practices of Evolution Spirituality.  (I)

Learn how to spiritualize your desires to strengthen your spiritual life and do the Evolution Spirituality practices. (I) [R1.5]

Learn about the basic stages of spiritual growth. (I) [R1.5]

If you have experienced Evolution Spirituality's important benefits, click here and see if you are ready to make an important commitment to advancing your fullest possible evolution. (I)

While you are reading the book in the step below, go to the Job One for Humanity multi-step plan right now and pick the next single easiest plan step for you to keep working on. After you have done that step sufficiently, go on to the next easiest step, etc.  There are many important steps in the Job One for Humanity plan that you can do to make a real, local difference!

Read the following book, The Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rifkin. This book will help you better understand Sustainable Prosperity's principles and inspire hope in a new future as we fix the climate destabilization crisis in Job One for Humanity.

Begin learning and practicing the most needed or desired practical art-of-living intermediate skill listed on this page, essential for expanding a meaningful, successful and sustainable life. (I)

Read the manifesto called The Evolutionary Manifesto, Our Role in the Future Evolution of Life by John Stewart. This paper contains what we need to do to become an effective practicing Evolutioneer once you have better understood the deeper directionality of evolution and its core meta-principles.

Try one of our short, easy meditations in Evolution Spirituality. (I)

If you suffer from some form of past abuse, learn the seven essential steps that empower individuals to find transformational healing and recovery after suffering abuse. (I)

Learn about the 7 Simple Key Traits of Happy People. (I)

Read the book Evolution For Everyone by David Sloan Wilson. A remarkable book that will help you to start to think like a science-grounded Evolutioneer and show you how important understanding evolution and evolutionary science is to your daily life success!

Review the FAQ links in this Intermediate section. Read the ones that look most interesting to you about all of the other qualities and attributes of Evolution Spirituality.

Read the book Thinking in Systems by Donella H Meadows. This is a good intermediate-level read on System theory. One definitely needs to understand the principles of systems theory to better understand complex adaptive evolutionary systems.

Congratulations! You are now a Level Two practitioner of Religion 2.0. When you have done all of the above, go on to the Advanced get started actions below.

Suggested: Review the list of Key Religion 2.0 Readings and Books for the Intermediate Evolution Spirituality Level and pick other books that interest you for your ongoing reading list? (I)

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