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How to Understand Everything You Need to Know About the Current State of Climate Change in One Sentence!

Climate change has passed a critical juncture. Our global warming future is now far easier to understand and can be put in one sentence!

"We must begin immediately adapting to the severe climate change consequences that are arriving soon and which, we can no longer change or avoid."

This "time to adapt" message is not what you hear from the big environmental groups or other global warming education groups. They are still refusing to accept that the time to fix (mitigate) the most severe global warming consequences has already passed.

These groups have not yet accepted the bitter reality that severe climate consequences will continue accelerating over the next decade. Accordingly, they are not telling their members to refocus considerable resources on adapting to these now unavoidable consequences. This dangerous omission puts lots of innocent people at high risk of being blindsided by climate shocks for which they are wholly unprepared.

We don't expect you to believe the new climate reality in the blue sentence above. You rightly should be highly skeptical of any significant life-rearranging or life re-organizing message from anyone.

Therefore, we have provided the science documentation in the links below for why that sentence above is accurate and critical to your future! We have also provided links to the necessary adaptation strategies that informed individuals would begin immediately to protect themselves and their families and businesses.

The documentation for unavoidable severe climate change and severe global warming consequences

For the real global fossil fuel reduction targets that we are nowhere close to meeting, click here. For what will happen because we cannot meet the real global fossil fuel reduction targets, see the links below:

The 20 major consequences of climate change and global warming.

The four key tipping points of climate change and global warming that we are already starting to go over!

Why we will not even come close to reaching the life-critical global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. We are not just facing a global warming and climate change crisis. To have anything looking like a stable, comfortable, or survivable future, we also have to adapt to 11 other major global crises.

Click here to review the 11 other global crises we face at the same time as the accelerating global warming emergency.

If you are curious about how we missed our many, many opportunities to fix global warming and prevent our current accelerating global catastrophes, click here. 

Effective climate change and global warming adaptation strategies for individuals, families, and businesses

Adapting means getting prepared for something that will happen, so you are not caught vulnerable to its dangers and consequences. It implies adapting as best as you can to what you cannot change.

Part of adaption is also doing those things that could also slow or lessen the consequences you can no longer avoid. For some, adapting could also mean migrating out of global warming high-risk areas before that becomes more difficult or impossible.

We have created the Job One for Humanity Plan to help you execute all of the needed adaptation strategies for the climate change crises we face today. Our four-part plan will help you make:

a. the necessary emergency preparations,

b. wisely adapt your current lifestyle and livelihood,

c. migrate where necessary and most important of all, and

d. slow and lessen those climate consequences we can't change while simultaneously working toward changing those climate consequences we still can change. 

We invite you to start the Job One Plan and become more proactive in protecting yourself, your family, and your business from these growing real risks by clicking here or click on the image below.


Please also sign our climate change and global warming extinction emergency petition to get our politicians in action before it is too late!

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