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UN issues new dire report that climate change is going to be much worse than previously predicted, but even this report still grossly underestimates the consequences and timetables!

The UN has issued a dire new climate change report that still grossly underestimates global warming consequences and timetables.

Fossil fuel industry lobbyists, fossil fuel exporters, and fossil fuel-related benefactors have once again twisted the UN into issuing a highly politicized new report on climate change and global warming consequences that is still grossly underestimated. (See a summary of the UN's new dire climate change report here.)

Maybe someone in the media or in the big environmental organizations will finally be brave enough (besides this organization) to challenge this new UN report's usefulness and its consequence and timetable gross inaccuracy! 

But, you do not have to wait to learn what the real climate change and global warming numbers are for your future.

To learn what the real required global fossil fuel reductions should be, click here.

To learn how difficult it will be to make the real required global fossil fuel reductions, click here.

To learn about the three worst global warming consequences and tipping points that are rapidly coming, which the UN will not even mention for fear the public might become legitimately enraged, click here.

After you have reviewed what the UN is hiding from you (in the above links,) you too may see that not only are wealready facing mass human extinction within our lifetimes, we are also facing total human extinction long before 2100, but only if, we do not radically and immediately change our fossil fuel-burning ways!

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