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Watch the new Netflix movie "Don't Look Up" with a host of big Hollywood stars. It's not so secretly about climate change extinction.

This movie is really about the coming climate change extinction event and how we are NOT managing it. 

The New Netflix movie "Don't Look Up" has a host of big-name Hollywood stars in it. Every time they mention the comet-causing extinction event, they are really metaphorically talking about a climate change extinction event. (Leanardo DeCaprio is a prominent climate change educator.)

After you have seen the "Don't Look Up" movie, be sure to read:

a. The documentation links at the bottom of this page, and

b. our climate change predictions for 2022 here (if you have not done so already.)

The combination of the two could be a life changer!

Happy New Year to all our hundreds of thousands of visitors in 2021! 

Here is What You Can Do to Adapt to, Survive, and Slow Down the Coming Avoidable and Unavoidable Climate Change Extinction Emergency

There is a lot of bad news in the Don't Look Up movie for the future and in the 2022 climate predictions mentioned above, but we can still do many things to slow down this climate extinction emergency and live longer, more comfortable lives.

Here are a few of the positive and easy things we can start today:

  1. Sign the online climate change extinction emergency petition by clicking here.
  2. Share these 2022 predictions everywhere and with everyone you think they should be shared.
  3. Watch the new Netflix movie "Don't Look Up" with a host of big Hollywood stars. It's not so secretly about climate change extinction and what you have just read.
  4. Start the comprehensive Job One Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan today by clicking here.
  5. Become a volunteer and Evolutioneer and help us sort out this nightmare by clicking here.
  6. Donate to keep the Job One for Humanity non-profit organization speaking brutal truths to power by clicking here.


Documentation links for the many Parallels Between our Climate Extinction Emergency and the Movie Don't Look Up

Reference Topic 1: How can the probability (or even the possibility) of a soon-arriving climate-driven, near-total human extinction be accurate? 

Click here to see a detailed "big picture" catastrophic meltdown of our global warming consequences and tipping points. Their interactions with our other 11 major global crises will produce starvation and extinction for much of humanity by mid-century and near-total extinction beginning as soon as 2070.

Click here to see the four major global warming extinction-evoking tipping points and how close we are to crossing them. The first tipping point of carbon 425-450 ppm will explain precisely why climate change consequences will start growing exponentially in about 3-9 years.

Reference Topic 2: Just like the public given false and misleading information about the climate and its dangers, we have been given the far lower and grossly incorrect global fossil fuel reduction targets by fossil fuel compromised "trusted" authorities. Learn why you can't believe the so-called world's leading authority on climate change (the UN IPCC) for legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets or their consequence predictions and timetables:

Click here to understand the long-term history of the IPCC underestimating the consequences, timeframes, and the needed global fossil fuel reduction targets by as much as 20-40% or more.

Click here to see precisely how the IPCC "cooked the books" and grossly skewed the current IPCC global fossil fuel reduction calculations by including unproven and non-existent "carbon sucking unicorn" technology into their projections. 

Click here to see the eleven key climate change tipping points that have been mostly excluded from the IPCC calculations on how much fossil fuel use we must reduce each year globally. 

Click here to see the four key reasons why the IPCC's 26 global climate conferences have failed to produce results or legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Click here to see the REAL 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and why we must get close to a 75% reduction in total global fossil fuel use (oil, natural gas, coal, etc.) by 2025, not the far, far less net-zero emission levels they have pledged by 2050 or 2040! (In the technical notes at the bottom of the 2025 fossil fuel reduction specification page, you will see each calculation and compensation for the various factors that make up the required correct global fossil fuel reduction numbers.)

Reference Topic 3: What our governments must do to save us and the future

It is time to also call for global warming legal accountability, the immediate termination of all global fossil fuel subsidies, and placing a worldwide price for all corporations on their carbon, methane, and other greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. 

To see the many mass mobilization actions our governments must now take to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and save humanity from near-total extinction, click here.

Click here to learn more about the Fee and Dividend carbon pricing and other critical actions our governments and corporations must immediately take to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Reference Topic 4: The deep causes of this whole climate extinction mess

To understand the most profound reasons behind our current global warming emergency and our 11 other most dangerous global crises, please get the book Overshoot. In it, you can learn about the concept of the Earth's carrying capacity (the land and sea acreage available and needed for any given population's critical survival needs.) 

Click here for global warming migration information and information on the safer global warming areas.

Reference Topic 5: Miscellaneous 

Click here and read our Job One for Humanity policy on the necessary disruption of all false or dangerous climate, global warming, and environmental acts or ideas.

Please continue to educate yourself about these life-critical climate issues by exploring the documentation and analysis found on this website.

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