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We invite you to consider the following new analysis of the seven largest global challenges that face Millennials and Generation Z...

The illustration above is from the World Economic Forum. It is from their Global Shapers survey on the most serious challenges facing the world today. As you will soon see in the analysis below, what many of our leaders believe to be our biggest global challenges is not always the same as what IS our biggest global challenges.

Today's seven largest global challenges according to an analysis by the Universe Institute

Global Challenge 1: Our Out of Control Global Warming fueled by overpopulation and caused by the carbon and methane greenhouse gas pollution of our atmosphere. 

Because of escalating global warming, we have already radically destabilized our global climate. This increasing average global temperature in both the atmosphere and the oceans further creates a cross-over domino effect of reef collapse, desertification, deforestation, coastline loss due to sea-level rise, wildfires, droughts, 1,000 year superstorms, floods, crucial productive soils degradation, disruptive growing season changes, massive food shortages, and species extinction. 

Global warming also increases water pollution from numerous sources such as excessive ocean carbon pollution capture or global warming ocean heat capture or, other climate and climate-related pollution sources. At this point, global warming has become so bad that we now face a global warming mass extinction event occurring within our lifetimes --- if we do not hit or come very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. 

(Our current out of control global warming has a precise definition, click here after you have read all of the other challenges listed below to see what it means to your future safety and finances.)

Global Challenge 2: Overpopulation, the Earth may have only the resource carrying capacity for about 2 billion people or less. (Please click the carrying capacity link for a full understanding of why this overpopulation challenge is so bad.)

We are near 8 billion people racing to 9.4 billion by or before 2050. We are way over sustainable population levels. Future and current generations will suffer great catastrophes because we failed to manage ourselves in this area.

Global Challenge 3: Resource Depletion fueled by overpopulation and escalating global warming.

We already have increasing food shortages (1 billion people are hungry.) Ocean fish stocks are also suffering from catastrophic losses. We will be soon facing energy shortages caused by the early attainment of peak oil. Depleting our many different kinds of Earth, quantity-limited, nonrenewable, and even renewable resources to unsustainable levels also increase global poverty by making those essential resources more expensive. Many resources will run out at the same time! Resource depletion is also a principal cause of conflicts and wars.

Global Challenge 4: Global Economic Instability. 

All of the above challenges act in concert to increase global poverty, economic instability, economic inequality (conflicts between rich and poor), and rising national deficits. National deficits are rising in many countries in unsustainable ways. These deficits are happening due to the escalating costs of all of these growing global challenges. Even worse, these ballooning national deficits are moving us closer toward an eventual bursting global financial bubble. 

Imagine a global financial depression or crisis occurring as we also try to solve all of these other global challenges. In the next global financial crisis or global depression, there will be far fewer resources to address different global challenges. Global economic instability is also a fundamental cause of conflicts and wars.

Global Challenge 5: Political Instability in Countries with Low Management Capabilities or Low Resource Resilience or High Deficits. 

All of the above global challenges plus increased political instability act in concert to further increase the likelihood of more wars, terrorism, and political injustice and more of the low resilience nations collapsing. This challenge plus the other global challenges will create a sudden and massive migration of millions, then billions of people that even the wealthiest nations will not be able to absorb. Political instability is also a principal cause of conflicts and wars.

Global Challenge 6: Global Pandemic. 

As all of the above other resilience-reducing global challenges get worse, and resources for public health dwindle, this increases the probability of a global pandemic. (This is due in part to existing or new diseases being poorly treated, the mobility and increasing migration of world populations as well as the overall deterioration of global health services as the stew of all of the global challenges listed above comes to a global warming amplified boil.)

And finally,

Global Challenge 7: Failing to evolve a single global government with the needed legislative, judicial, and enforceable executive powers. 

If you think about it carefully, you will discover that this last global challenge and critical evolutionary failure (of having no unified or truly effective global government,) IS the single biggest reason and core structural cause for most of our other critical global challenges. It is also the cause that these challenges have not yet being resolved and continuing to exist. 

The lack of a single global government working for humanity and the wellbeing of the planet with legislative judicial and executive verification and enforcement powers having universal global laws allow humanity's biggest global challenges (listed above) to either:

a.) exist at all,

b.) continue to exist or,

c.) to remain perpetually unresolved or continually worsening as many of them are now.

The evolutionary absence of a valid global government of itself alone acts to facilitate, escalate, and enable all of the other largest global challenges that we currently face.

Of the Seven Great Global Adaptive Challenges Listed Above --- Only One Global Challenge is the Single Most Dangerous 

Excluding the challenge of having no real global government (which is an evolutionary, structural, and developmental issue) and immediate global thermonuclear war, out of control global warming is the single most dangerous challenge. It is the most dangerous challenge because it is a keystone threat and risk multiplier and the "center of the arch" for almost all of the other global challenges listed above. 

It is the most dangerous challenge because:

a.) It is an immediate security threat already unfolding. It is causing substantial global problems right now and, it is rapidly growing toward crossing more known and unknown climate tipping points, which have made global warming currently out of control. It will end most of the human species within our lifetimes if we do not act soon. 

This article discusses most of the known and unknown climate tipping points. 

Also, see this new article on the global warming emergency that has been read over 900,000 times.

b.) it is the largest single threat and risk multiplier and amplifier of the already huge problems caused by most of the other listed global challenges above!

c.) It is also the most immediate and probable meta-trigger for the growing possibility of a chain reaction of whipsawing and simultaneous ecological, economic, social, and political catastrophes and converging mass system collapses involving directly or indirectly most of the other greatest global challenges listed above. 

d.) Even though things currently may be going well in your local or national area, because of the escalating and multiple consequences of out of control global warming, it can be said that overall, we are now going through a natural evolutionary regression period. This regression involves the continual worsening of most of our greatest global challenges towards an eventual catastrophic convergence and a Great Collapse. It is this process that will eventually destabilize most of our current local, regional, and national areas.

"Other than immediate thermonuclear war, out of control global warming IS THE most likely catalytic source for what will most likely turn out to be the greatest tragedy in all of human history! No existing emergency preparedness program, government, NGO or international organization is even remotely close to being prepared for, or capable of recovering from the large scale convergence, whipsawing, and amplification of almost all of Earth's greatest global challenges fueled and accelerated by the keystone threat multiplier of out of control global warming. 

This convergence of global challenges is the 'perfect storm of perfect storms' and the most likely death spiral initiator for the human species within our lifetimes." --Lawrence Wollersheim

Take a moment to reflect on the above greatest global challenges and then ask yourself the following question:

"Do you believe that our current escalating global warming could trigger, multiply and whipsaw many of the above other global challenges listed into a great catastrophic convergence and meltdown ending humanity and civilization within your lifetime?"

What Generation Z and the Millennial generation must do to have anything like a liveable future!

In spite of 35 years of warnings about the global warming emergency, the baby boomer generation, and Generation X have not slowed the escalation of global warming. Those generations have failed horribly and can not be relied upon to save the future.

It is now up to generation X and the Millenial generation and step up and fix the global warming extinction emergency or suffer its unconscionable consequences over the next few decades! They have a herculean challenge in front of them.

They must immediately:

1. Get existing environmental groups and NGOs to stop using the false global fossil fuel reduction targets currently being proposed by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and most world governments. You can't ever solve a problem if you keep using a false set of actions to do so. (Please click here to see the facts proving that the IPCC's global fossil fuel reduction targets now being used worldwide will lead us to an unlivable future within decades.)

2. Get the "last chance" and correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets executed (or at least get as close to them as possible) or, we will go over the climate cliff and cross the three extinction-evoking tipping points making the future unlivable within a few decades. (Click here for learning about what the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets must be.)

If Generation Z and the Millennials are not successful on 1 and 2 above, there is little hope the other older generations who at this point cannot be trusted and have continually failed to successfully address this issue will make 1 and 2 above happen in time to save the future!

3. If Generation Z and the Millennials fail to do 1 and 2 above successfully, then they will need to lead humanity into executing the global warming extinction emergency Plan B, which no one will find desireable! (Click here to review the PLan B which covers what we will need to do if we fail to hit the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.) 

What you can do today to help prevent the catastrophic convergence of our largest global challenges triggered by the global warming emergency

If we are going to have any chance of having the necessary time and resources to manage and fix our other largest global challenges and prevent their catastrophic convergence, we must get the global warming extinction emergency under control as our highest priority! 

Here is how we can do this.

Click here to see the Job One for Humanity Climate Plan to survive the global extinction emergency and get our other most dangerous global challenge under better control.

If you already believe or feel a catastrophic convergence of our largest seven global challenges to be a real possibility, then take some time now to review this honest, positive, and effective new plan to help mitigate and prepare for our current out of control global warming.

Click here for the Job One for Humanity Climate Plan to Survive Global Warming.

Please help distribute this article through social media to members of Generation Z and Millennials all over the world. They are truly our last chance to save a livable future not only for themselves but for all of the rest of us as well!

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