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The Basic Ideas of Progressive Evolution aka Evolution 2.0

The principles and processes of progressive evolution are an essential part of the foundation of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and all of the tools derived from this new worldview like the Universe Principles. Once you understand how to use the principles of progressive evolution, you will have a powerful tool for creating a sustainable success in life. 

(Please note: B is starting level, I is intermediate level material, and A is advanced material.)

What is Evolution 2.0? (B)

What is the great news and great evolutionary hope provided by Evolution 2.0 and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview? (B)

What are the practical benefits of Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview? (B)

What is the Highest Evolutionary Life Purpose of the Individual and Humanity? (B)

What is an Evolution 2.0 Practitioner's Greatest Commitment? (B) (I) 

What are the evolutionary and practical art-of-living skills taught within Evolution 2.0 essential for a meaningful, successful, and sustainable life? (B)

What exactly is sustainable prosperity, and why is it one of our most crucial Evolution 2.0 mission goals? (B)

What is Job One for Humanity, and how does it reflect our community's social action position on sustaining and stewarding the environment. (B) (I)

What is the New Golden Rule of Evolution 2.0 or, How to Resolve Ethical and Moral Questions from an Evolutionary Perspective? (I)

What is the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, and why is it so crucial at Universe Spirit? (I)

What is the Definition of Evolution Science and Evolutionary Science? (B)


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