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The Global Warming Genius Challenge

The brightest minds at Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and the world's intelligence agencies and universities are being called out to... 

try to solve the world's most critical emergency (after coronavirus and immediate thermonuclear war.)

If you know someone who implies or tell you how smart they are, be sure to send them this challenge as well.

What is the Global Warming Super-Genius Challenge?

This is the official crowdsourcing of the global warming extinction emergency to the smartest people on the planet. This crowdsourcing is necessary due to the fact that our governments have completely failed over the last 35 years to get this escalating global catastrophe under control.

What you must solve

1. You or your team must find a solution to the current global warming extinction emergency.

2. Your plan must be able to be successfully executed before 2025 to reach these critical global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Here are some of the challenge parameters, tips, and clues to help get you started

Here is this global fossil fuel reduction challenge defined. Our governments have politicized and watered-down the real global warming facts so much that your first step will be to cut through the fossil fuel industry interest spin to what we really need to do at this late stage of the emergency.

Here are the current key obstacles your genius team and plan must overcome. You will discover why this is a  true challenge even for the best and brightest minds in society today.

To prime you as to possible solution directions here is an incomplete, but useful attempt to solve the many obstacles, dilemmas, and puzzles that this challenge presents. 

What will you win if you succeed

Current and future generations will internationally recognize you and your team as true super-geniuses (IQs from 190-230) and the brain trust that saved humanity. You and your team will be famous beyond belief.

Wealthy individuals and corporations will honor you with power and status and shower you with fortunes because you saved the future of their businesses.

Beautiful men and women will want to be your partner and raise your children. 

What you get if you fail 

Click here for a glimpse into that result.


What are you waiting for? Get your team together and show the world that you actually are the best and brightest by solving the biggest ongoing disruptor of the 21st century!

Or, at least forward this genius challenge to the people you know who keep telling you how smart they are. Challenge them to see if they can solve this near-ultimate intelligence test, challenge, and puzzle!

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