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Climate Change and Global Warming Doomsday Clock Update. You are not going to like it!

Almost everyone has heard about the Doomsday Clock created by a group of nuclear scientists not long after the advent of dropping the first atomic bomb on Japan in 1945. The goal of this first nuclear scientist's Doomsday Clock was to warn the world and to quantify and timeline how close we were to nuclear war, human extinction, and our doomsday. 

The goal of the Climate Change Doomsday Clock was created to warn the world and to quantify and timeline for how close we are to a global warming-accelerated human extinction and doomsday event.

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Humanity's 12 Greatest Crises are also Humanity's Greatest Opportunities when Seen from a Big Picture Evolutionary Perspective

The 12 greatest global crises in human history are also humanity's greatest opportunity to resolve its most intractable problems and inequities, which could not (and have not,) been solved ever before. 

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How to Understand Everything You Need to Know About the Current State of Climate Change in One Sentence!

Climate change has passed a critical juncture. Our global warming future is now far easier to understand and can be put in one sentence!

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An honest and comprehensive look at the Biden Kerry Climate plan and its probability of success or preventing extinction!

Grab a comfortable chair and a coffee. This new article is not just balanced but also points to the 800-pound gorilla that we have been...

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Welcome to the 13th Annual Universe Day April 10, 2021: Come Together and Celebrate Our Amazing Universe

Announcing the 13th annual Universe Day! Universe Day is an annual birthday for the Universe event on April 10, 2021. 


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Everything you need to know about climate change and the global warming emergency in 3 sentences!

While global fossil fuel reductions could still have been gradual, we wasted the 35 years of scientific warnings. We now will have to pay a painful price.

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We are now facing an unparalleled moment of peak collective challenge far beyond the hardships of the Covid pandemic and its economic hardship. We now face a DOUBLE whammy

This unprecedented collective moment will require wisdom, sacrifice, and enduring new hardships that humanity has never faced before to survive and thrive through our "double whammy."


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The Rebirth of Universe Spirit and What is Going to Happen Now?

It's time for a candid briefing about both our organization's last decade and our future.

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Our 2021 Global Warming and Climate Change Consequence Predictions

Every year we put out our list of new global warming predictions early in the new year. Year after year we have been very accurate! Psychologists say it is best to provide the bad news first.


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Three New Climate Emergency Articles Well Worth Reading

How bad is the climate emergency really and, are current government solutions working? Make up your own mind with these three new articles.

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Have you considered joining a sustainable or intentional community because of deteriorating national or global conditions?

Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit are now working together to create many new urban, suburban, and rural sustainable communities around the world as briefly described below.

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Here Are the Surprisingly Congruent Positions on Climate Change and Global Warming from Many different Religions

Most religious communities have released statements on Climate Change, Global Warming, and the need to care for Earth.

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The Climate Cliff does not occur in 2025. We already went over it in 2015.

What has been known as the climate cliff is the climate point you go over which begins the runaway global warming process. 

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The most critical global warming and climate change deadlines.

Global warming is accelerating. The following survival-critical deadlines should be kept in mind. 

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The nine most important facts to know about global warming and climate change based on today's most current science

The nine facts in this article are the facts that most other environmental groups are afraid to tell you. Once you understand them, you will be better prepared for what is happening now and what is coming.

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Happy Earth Day 2020, a Surprise Message

Could Nature be warning us through the COVID-19 global pandemic and the ever-escalating global warming emergency to "repent" our over-consuming, over-polluting, and unsustainable lifestyles and livelihoods before we experience a Great Collapse?


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The Global Warming Genius Challenge

The brightest minds at Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and the world's intelligence agencies and universities are being called out to... 

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Was Coronavirus (Covid19) Caused or Exacerbated by Global Warming?

You be the judge on why our governments are not talking to us seriously enough about how global warming is creating pandemics?

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What will it REALLY take for the governments of the world to fix the global warming extinction emergency which will unfold over the following decades?

At this very late stage of needed fossil fuel reductions, only government-enforced actions to reduce global fossil fuel use to the required 2025 target levels can save us from a global warming-caused extinction nightmare. 


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Covid-19 and Changing the Climate: “Climate Change Brings the Specter of New Infectious Diseases”

[Image: GreenTech Media] 

Quite by chance, the scientific Journal of Clinical Investigation on 6 January 2020 published an update on the concern that global surface heating could see the emergence of new infectious diseases, as well as an increase in the prevalence of long known killer diseases. The title of the paper was “Climate change brings the specter of new infectious diseases.”

SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus or Covid-19) is a new infectious disease that has become a global pandemic.

This adds to the overwhelming evidence and the recommendations of climate scientists that we must put global greenhouse gas—especially carbon—emissions into decline on an immediate basis. One irony of the pandemic is that while governments and corporations only plan to keep emissions increasing, the new virus will most likely put them into decline this year. However, when the pandemic is over, those world powers will boost the fossil-fueled economy and global emissions more than ever. It’s an insanely evil plan for unprecedented suffering of humanity—and global suicide.

Here is a description of having Covid-19 from a healthy adult living a healthy lifestyle in a healthy, clean-air environment region of British Columbia, Canada:

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