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How did we ever let ourselves enter into the era of Mutually Assured Climate Extinction?

With the failure of the Glasgow COP 26th climate conference, we have now entered into the era of Mutually Assured Climate Extinction (aka MACE).

(Please note that at the end of this post is a link to the comprehensive Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan. It has over 80 physical, emotional, and spiritual actions (if you are of a spiritual nature) that you can take to make the best of the coming climate catastrophes and stay safer and more comfortable for as long as it is possible.)

The COP26 climate conference was an extinction-fueling failure because its final proposed national fossil fuel reduction pledges were:

a. barely half of what was needed, and,

b. they were scheduled for achievement decades beyond what was needed or what would save us. 

Currently, carbon in the atmosphere is at the highest levels in several million years and it has been rising exponentially over the last several decades! (See chart further below.)



These "far too little, far too late" national fossil fuel reduction pledges guarantee half of humanity is going extinct by mid-century. Allowing half of humanity to go extinct by mid-century demonstrates the vast and comprehensive failure of our existing tactics to reduce global fossil fuel use.   

If you think the above statements about extinction by mid-century are an exaggeration, please read the science and analysis in the links below and then watch the funny video because you will need it:

The four global warming extinction tipping points.

A detailed analysis of how a runaway global warming triggered collapse and extinction will take place. (It contains the primary and secondary global warming consequences and the timeframes of the extinction process everyone should know.)

The real and honest 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. (These are the ones they hid and ignored at COP26.)

Our decades-long history of delay and failure to act to reduce global fossil fuel use.



If you learn best from humorous videos and you can tolerate some off-color language, click here.

COP26 also was an extinction-fueling failure for the additional reasons described in this article. This COP26 article discloses 4 key reasons how and why COP26 failed (just like the 25 previous COP climate conferences over the last several decades.)

As you will discover from the links above, with the failure of COP26 we have in fact, and unfortunately, now entered into the era of Mutually Assured Climate Extinction (aka MACE).

But, it is not all hopeless! 

Click here and get into action on the 80 actions steps of the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan

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