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World's Leading Authority on Climate Change Says We Can No Longer Prevent Climate Change Consequences Only Adapt to Them

Do you know the horrible consequences you will need to adapt to and be aware of to replan your life?

The following from the world's leading authority on global warming is really bad news for generations X, Y, and Z. They will need to come up with a whole new life plan to adapt to what they will be soon facing...

Here's what everyone needs to know

After 40 years of comprehensive climate reports by the world's leading authority (the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC],) the IPCC has made the most significant single change to its climate position and predictions in its history!

The IPCC now says we can no longer prevent many of the worst consequences of global warming. All that we can do now is adapt to them!

But, precisely what are those global warming consequences for which you now have to adapt and change your life? More importantly, how can you wisely replan your lives around these rapidly intensifying consequences that you see unfolding every day in the news? 

This page clearly shows you the host of serious global warming-related consequences which you will need to adapt to and adjust your major life plans around. (We made this page a link because it is too long for a normal blog post update.)

This same page will also link you to a comprehensive plan of practical adaptation strategies that you, your family, and your business will need as you watch the many global warming consequences unfold in the daily news. And finally,  

This same page and its links will also help you answer an even scarier additional survival-critical question:

Are we, in fact, already in an unavoidable collapse or extinction process caused by our accelerating global warming consequences multiplying and amplifying the worst consequences of the world's other 11 major crises?

The good news is that you do not have to be an Albert Einstein genius to understand either what is already happening, what is coming, or what you must now do to protect yourself, your family, and your business.


On this same page you can also explore how your answer to the above question will directly affect your future personal life plans. Most importantly, you can learn what you can do to adapt to the consequences listed below before it is too late! (Please note: Start learning about what you will face with this same global warming consequences page beginning with the Introduction section. You can skip the Prologue section!) 

Please also keep in mind that there are also equal or greater possible global rebirth benefits once the global warming collapse process takes its course. (These Great Rebirth benefits also will be linked near the end of this page.)

And Finally

Please forward this blog post to all generation X, Y, and Z individuals you know. They have a right to know what they, more than any other generations, will be facing and what they must adapt to and replan their lives around. It is absolutely unconscionable what older generations have left as a toxic, life-shortening legacy for generations X, Y, and Z!


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